Farm Journal: March 2012

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Corn College

I Built the Best

  • Timely Applications
    Tracked lime rig and nurse trailer assure applications are made, even if nature isn’t cooperating.

Test Plots

  • The Final Touch
    Demonstration plots to examine new closing systems.

Corn Navigator

  • 10 Rules for Refuges
    Refuge management will help your hybrids work effectively and keep you in compliance with regulators.


  • USDA Production Expectations
    USDA rolled out its projections for the year ahead at the Agricultural Outlook Forum in late February.
  • Tailgate Talk: Brazilian Agriculture Up Close
    For five days in mid-February, Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie and Machinery Editor Margy Fischer joined soybean yield record holder Kip Cullers on a trip to Brazil.
  • New Manure Manager
    Spreading manure is a dirty business that’s about to get better for farmers, according to SFP, the fertilizer additive company.
  • Insecticide Receives Formula Upgrade
    Vulcan insecticide has received approval by the Environmental Protection Agency for its new chlorpyrifos formulation, labeled for corn, soybeans, wheat and other crops.
  • New Drought-Tolerant Hybrids to Be Tested on Farms
    U.S. farmers across the Western Great Plains will be the first to plant Monsanto Company’s newest drought-tolerant corn system this spring as part of on-farm trials.
  • "I'll Trade Two Phosphorus for Three Carbs"
    To understand more about P uptake by plants, an international team of researchers observed interactions between three types of soilborne fungus and a legume related to alfalfa.
  • USDA Studies Tree Migration
    The USDA Forest Service wants to learn what might be occurring—or not—to forest stands due to changing weather trends.
  • Super Soybeans for Whitetail Deer
    Corn and soybeans might be the staple money crops in the Midwest, but they also produce big whitetail deer and trophy antlers.
  • New Cotton Varieties Announced
    Bayer CropScience offers two new cotton seed varieties for 2012.
  • Herbicide Offers Double Benefits
    Display herbicide is available for the 2012 growing season and can be used in two ways.
  • Identification System Eliminates Manual Tagging
    To help cotton growers capture, store and retrieve information on their crop for use by the gin, John Deere has introduced Harvest Identification, Cotton.
  • Herbicide Heavyweight
    Huskie Complete offers spring, winter and durum wheat growers postemergence control of grass and broadleaf weeds, even those resisting acetolactate synthase, Oxen and glyphosate chemistries.
  • Three New Guides Aid in Disease Identification and Management
    Each guide includes numerous photos to aid in identification and to differentiate between diseases.
  • Farm Bill Finish Line Still Uncertain
    Lawmakers are focused on finalizing a new farm bill in 2012, but even with nine months left in the year there’s an alarming amount of work to be done.
  • $100 Ideas: In a Tight Spot
    Amid the hustle and bustle of planting season, Kristin Gall of New Cambria, Mo., was thrilled to find a strong, reliable and inexpensive way to replace the hydraulic hoses that string through his planter frame.
  • Guard for Consistency
    The Valion seed tube guard creates a properly shaped furrow that’s wide enough to get the seeds to the bottom, and offers more planting depth control.
  • Joker Tillage Technology
    Horsch Anderson introduces the Joker, a high-speed, versatile tillage tool designed for residue mixing, field conditioning, seedbed preparation and fertilizer incorporation.
  • Integrated Bale Spears
    To better handle large square bales, Worksaver introduces the ELB-330 and ELB-340 front loader bale spears.
  • Utility Tractor Lineup Expands
    Three models have been added to the John Deere 6R Series.
  • Delayed Wheat Crops Benefit from Spring-Applied Nitrogen
    If your winter wheat crop got off to a slow start this past fall because of poor weather conditions, there is still time for you to improve its performance.