Farm Journal: Mid-November 2012

Magazine Features

  • Harvesting Hub
    New Holland’s 360-degree approach to harvesting machinery Unverferth’s Q-Series Grain Train wagons.
  • Stat Rack
    The Farm Journal Pulse, a text-message poll of farmers and ranchers, tracked the hot topics this year.
  • What a Day!
    If you’ve had one of those days—or caught someone else’s on film—we’d love to share it with our readers.
  • FFA’ers Put Ingenuity and Creativity to Work
    The Cedar Key, Fla., FFA chapter is a wonderful example of the students who wear the blue and gold.
  • Hunger Hides
    Food insecurity is an issue that stretches beyond urban areas; it is prevalent in rural communities across the U.S., too.
  • Nonfarm Apps
    Your smartphone can do more on the farm than you think.
  • The 4 Rs of Fertility
    In the field, farmers need to focus on the four Rs of fertility management: the right product, right rate, right time and right place.

Web Extra


  • Tips for Becoming a Farm Successor
    A business plan allows the aspiring and transitioning farmers to create a strategy.
  • Do You Have an Exit Plan?
    Harvest is behind us and it’s time to take what we’ve learned from a challenging year and apply it to our 2013 game plan.
  • Early Bird Gets the Seed
    Some corn producers will face challenges in the coming weeks when selecting hybrids for next year.
  • The Waiting Game
    One of the more counterintuitive aspects of Harvest 2012 has been the reintroduction of detention time at our elevator.


  • Outlook for Inputs
    Some input costs are leveling out while others are trending upward in small increments.
  • Stay on Point All Season Long
    There’s nothing like a drought to make it crystal-clear that we can never walk away from a crop. The yields tell the story for soybeans and corn.
  • Winter Trainings to Get You Ready for 2013
    Taking a cue from our loyal readers, we continue to add more trainings for farmers.
  • $100 Ideas
    You can join our $100 Ideas Club! Share your unpublished ideas and join our $100 Ideas Club.