Farm Journal: February 2013

Magazine Features

  • Machinery Journal
    Read what's new with Massey Ferguson's 7600 Series, John Deere's new 2720 Disk Ripper, and much more.
  • Biologicals at Bat
    Biologicals are not the last frontier in agricultural development, but they certainly have proven to be the next frontier.
  • One Big Conversation
    Every weekday “AgriTalk” shares live, on-air conversations—and sparks many more across farm country.
  • Seed Tests Confirm Quality
    Making an investment in seed testing prior to planting can head off problems or, postplanting, determine what went wrong.
  • Pickup Innovations
    Ram is making major changes for 2013 in its light- and heavy-duty trucks. Ram joins Ford and General Motors in turning to urea to meet emission standards for diesels.
  • Crop Insurance Value
    The weeks leading up to spring planting require a great deal of planning for farmers.
  • Starter Test Plot Roundup
    With the correct management moves, starter fertilizer can give a corn crop a boost as well as advance maturity.
  • Sprayers Spring for Tires
    Using multiple tire sizes for a single self-propelled sprayer is a growing trend to reduce compaction and pare crops.
  • Technology Journal
    The Aerial Spray app for Smartphones helps aerial and ground farm crews minimize pesticide drift by optimizing the type of equipment and pesticide they use.
  • A Sinking Feeling
    As Mississippi River levels drop, it’s no wonder farmers are getting a sinking feeling.
  • Big-Picture Trading
    Now that the election and the threat of falling off the fiscal cliff have subsided, maybe we can shift our focus to trade.
  • Ag Adventurers
    If your kids have grown up or worked on a farm, the values and work ethic they acquire will give them a definite advantage in any pursuit they choose.
  • Take a Crop's Temperature
    To determine a field’s stress level, look at an aerial photo that shows the variance in crop temperature. A cooler crop is less stressed.
  • From Tools to Tractors
    February is the time of year to make a trip to Louisville, Ky., for the country’s largest indoor farm show.
  • Weed Warriors
    This past season, many farmers got an unwanted education in what can go wrong with weed control when a massive drought occurs.
  • Resistance Red Flags
    The 2012 drought caused a complex network of agronomic challenges for farmers. Now, they can add another one to the list.
  • The Great Escape
    Applying nitrogen—corn’s most important and trickiest nutrient—doesn’t do a lick of good if it escapes into the air or, even worse, into water sources before plants can use it.
  • Mixed Optimism
    In terms of research dollars and effort, wheat tends to take a backseat to the corn and soybean crops. But two recent research and development efforts hope to change that.
  • Don’t Miss Your Window
    Year after year, I’ve found that the farmers who achieve the highest wheat yields and profits are the ones who nail input timing.
  • Pendulum Could Swing
    If this year’s corn, soybean and wheat yields approach anything resembling a normal trend line, farm income for crop producers is likely to fall lower, potentially near break-even by year’s end.
  • Put the Kids on Payroll
    Employ your children on the farm to save on taxes.
  • Maintain Cow Condition
    After a drought, cow nutrition is critical to calving success.


  • Be Ready to Adjust
    Technology has improved farm production capabilities, we all know Mother Nature often trumps the best laid plans.
  • Putting It All Together
    Farming is becoming more complicate, which means you have to sort out all the responsibilities in a way that’s best for you, your family, employees and business.
  • Itemized Assessment
    While the fiscal cliff showdown left farmers holding their breath, resulting legislation should allow them to breathe easier.
  • Dealing With Diesel
    Home-brew winter-grade diesel fuel to lower the cloud and gel points.
  • When the Answer Is “No”
    How to leave a legacy when the answer is “No”? Start with a clear objective and alternatives.
  • It’s Not a Rut—It’s a Groove
    People who restrict their range of choice for routine decisions are actually smarter, more efficient, and more attractive to the opposite sex.


  • Production Journal
    Mark your calendars and join us at the National Farm Machinery Show and Championship Tractor Pull and don't forget about Corn College Grad School coming soon.
  • No, This Is Not Really Rational
    I come from a long line of frugal farmers who stretch a dollar, and I really hate to see money leave my checking account if it isn’t going to something practical. Well, at least most of the time­­­.
  • Farm Journal Pulse
    What are your planting intentions for corn in 2013 versus 2012?
  • Tailgate Talk
    The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is asking farmers for help in building a collection that reflects modern agricultural practices.
  • $100 Ideas
    Share your unpublished ideas and join our $100 Ideas Club. The Double Your Money winner receives $200. Other farmers featured receive $100 each.