Farm Journal: October 2013

Magazine Features

  • By Land and Air
    Yield prospects from the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour receive a second look from a bird’s-eye view.
  • The Welding Lottery
    Although they didn’t win millions of dollars, the grand prize winners of the 2013 Miller Welding University were thrilled for the opportunity to receive welding training from the pros.
  • The Magic of Phosphorus
    Harvest is in full swing, but the impact of a difficult planting season is still apparent from the combine perch.
  • Enter the Drone Zone
    More forward-thinking farmers are dabbling with small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—or drones—for a multitude reasons.
  • Similar but Different
    If you refer to Bt corn hybrid stacks and pyramids as if the terms are interchangeable, you aren’t alone. However, corn hybrid stacks and pyramids aren’t the same.
  • Jet Stream
    Crop prices and farmland values power irrigation forward.
  • Mid-Harvest Maintenance
    If harvest has hit a rain delay or you’re caught up with the dryer and have a moment to read this, here are a few maintenance matters to keep your combine cruising during the final weeks of harvest.
  • Beans Gone Bad
    Move over waterhemp, ragweed, lambsquarters and all your weedy friends. There’s a new rabble-rouser in cornfields this season: volunteer soybeans.
  • Muck and Mire
    There’s more to extraction than hooking and pulling.
  • Four-Wheel Function
    The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado can be outfitted with the right combination of technology and power for the farm. An updated cab where comfort is key rounds out the package.
  • A Tale of Two Soils
    Despite heavy spring rains, crop residue will remain in place thanks to the healthy soil structure. However, unhealthy soil will give way to washing and erosion.
  • A Frosty Proposition
    Timing is everything, and it has generally not been on agriculture’s side in 2013.
  • Claim Ready
    Be claim ready with these tips on how to prepare for a crop insurance audit.

Web Extra



  • Join Us at a Legacy Project Workshop
    After harvest is a perfect time to buckle down and work on a succession plan for your farm.
  • $100 Ideas
    You can join our $100 Ideas Club! Share your unpublished ideas and join our $100 Ideas Club.
  • Farm Bill Update: ‘It Shouldn’t Be This Hard’
    While he and other members of the House Agriculture Committee complete their work, Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla., says getting a farm bill has proven challenging in 2013.
  • Editor's Notebook: Pick Your Place to Go Just For Fun
    I have travelled to every state but three for work or family time, that’s lots of windshield time but I'd like to know where in the U.S. you’d like to go and why.
  • Unauthorized Company Selling Farm Journal
    Please note: Farm Journal Media has no association with a company called Associated Publishers Network and they are NOT authorized to sell subscription.
  • A Geographical Look at Weed Issues
    What weeds should you be worried about in your fields?
  • Tailgate Talk
    The world’s first 30-row, 12" corn head is like harvesting fields with a fine-tooth comb.
  • Advanced Solutions for Increased Demand
    To meet farmer demand for cutting-edge performance and to comply with federally mandated emissions requirements, Case IH deepens its lineup with 2014 model year machines.
  • Wagon Packs in the Bushels
    The Unverferth model 730 wagon offers 750-bu. capacity and an unloading chute with a self-locking, spring-loaded latching mechanism for easy use.
  • High Horsepower to High-Tech Solutions in the 2014 Lineup
    While John Deere’s 2011 product lineup was the company’s largest in its history, the 2014 model year product release is a close second.
  • IrrigationJournal
    Portable pivot power, online tools, aquifer study and more in IrrigationJournal.
  • EPA Backs Off On Fuel Storage Rule
    The EPA has assured Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) that it will not start enforcement of its Spill, Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule for fuel storage on farms.