Farm Journal: November 2013

Magazine Features

  • Wide Open
    When it was time for his farm to upgrade its shop space, Mark Ruff didn’t necessarily aim for a bigger space, but rather a more versatile one.
  • Field-by-Field Phosphorus
    Since yield potential is determined in the first six weeks of growth, phosphorus (P) needs to be available early, especially with cold soil, continuous corn and P-fixation issues.
  • HungerU Tour
    HungerU exhibit teaches college students how high-tech farming feeds the world.
  • Take a Load Off
    Weigh your options to achieve maximum lift with skid steers.
  • Prints Charming
    The ag industry is using 3-D printing technology to develop prototypes of a wide range of products.
  • Ram Leads With Diesel
    The 2014 three-quarter-ton Ram sports the higher-strength steel frames that the 3500 dually got last year and the new 3500 single-rear-wheel can be outfitted with a factory-offered fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailering package.
  • Get in the Zone
    The foundation of zone management is identifying the variability in the field.
  • Dig Deep, Go Vertical
    Remember how you were told as a kid to not judge a book by its cover? That same advice applies to evaluating vertical tillage.
  • Twice As Nice
    Converting almost all of their pivots to 30" bubbler nozzles paid for itself in less than a year, says Texas farmer Tom Moore.
  • Zero In On Population
    Improvements in seed corn genetics have resulted in hybrids that perform best when planted in higher populations.
  • Time to Speak Out
    Your livelihood is at risk. Don’t let a blind spot or frustration with our government keep you quiet. Raise your voice.
  • Prep Your Pivot for Winter
    These steps will ensure irrigation success next spring.

Web Extra


Corn Navigator

  • No Disease Surprises
    You can minimize disease risks by understanding the threat, your hybrids and the environment.


  • Eye in the Sky: Aerial View
    Late planting, soil compaction and weather stress combined during the 2013 growing season to create extreme variability across Midwestern corn and soybean fields.
  • Pulse Report: In the Bin
    What percentage of your 2013 crop production will you store on farm?
  • Editor's Notebook: More Is Changing Than We Realize
    Right now, much of agriculture has a blind spot to the labyrinth of regulations, policies and court mandates that will redefine how we farm—and perhaps whether we farm. This is what prompted us to launch America’s Agriculture Challenge.
  • Sharpen Your Skills
    Sharpen you skills with Farm Journal's Marketing Education Series and Corn College Educational Series.
  • Machinery Journal
    Read about the latest machinery to hit the market in Farm Journal's Machinery Journal.
  • Policy Journal
    EPA proposes cutback in 2014 ethanol blend volume, more on the farm bill, plus see the hot topics in the "AgriTalk" corner.
  • Tailgate Talk
    CropLife America president and CEO Jay Vroom led a spirited discussion with former U.S. Secretaries of Agriculture John Block, Michael Espy, John Knebel and Ed Schafer at the association’s 80th annual meeting.
  • Central-Data Grain Cart System
    Raven Industries Inc. and Unverferth Manufacturing Co. have co-developed UHarvest, a grain cart system that provides accurate yield data and streamlines how that data is shared among machines.
  • Precision Planting Makes YieldSense
    Accuracy is a must-have for any yield monitor.
  • Robots Rev Up Research and Development
    Regardless of the weather outside, the ambiance in the Pioneer FAST corn greenhouse is nice enough to grow corn—and it's run by robots (with a few exceptions).
  • New Focus On End User
    In the crop protection world, the largest chemical company on the planet is looking at the glass half full.
  • Habitat for Honeybees
    The pollinator project is an initiative in functional biodiversity—the idea that best management practices can support commercial agricultural practices and the environment at the same time.
  • Big Win for Micronutrients
    While you won’t see nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium take a back seat to micronutrients, farmers are using more so-called second-tier minerals.
  • $100 Ideas
    You can join our $100 Ideas Club! Share your unpublished ideas and join our $100 Ideas Club.
  • Irrigation Sensor Solution
    An irrigation system developed by the Swiss start-up PlantCare recommends water prescriptions using wireless sensors.
  • Droplets by the Billions
    A white paper published this past summer titled offers a pulse on farm water usage across 17 states in the western U.S.
  • The Road to Recovery in South Dakota
    Western South Dakota ranchers are reeling from the loss of their cattle from a blizzard named Atlas. In response, a group of ranchers created “Heifers for S. Dakota” to coor­dinate monetary and live animal donations.
  • Pivot Predictor
    You’ve probably never met a person who could read your mind. But a new piece of technology does the next best thing for farmers growing corn under irrigation.
  • Powering Down Water
    Technology is key to managing and reducing the energy requirements of agricultural irrigation.