Farm Journal: December 2013

Magazine Features

  • Still Shopping
    A late harvest leads to lots of lingering decisions, particularly with timing of input purchases.
  • Winter Wonder Bland?
    You’ve likely heard of El Niño and La Niña, the cycling Pacific weather patterns that can dramatically affect weather on the U.S. mainland.
  • Steady Does It
    For the past few years, farmland values have been on the up and up, but is a price plateau is on the horizon?
  • High-Tech Safety
    See what the future could hold for your well-being.
  • 14 Drivers for Success in 2014
    The learning curve in agriculture has been steep the past few years.
  • Layers of Data
    With every combine pass, you have the opportunity to harvest more than grain.
  • Knock Out Early Weeds
    Weed scientists have told farmers for years that small weeds, even in limited quantities, can damage corn yields.
  • Gathering Momentum
    The past 12 months have been busy and rewarding for the Farm Journal Foundation and its first platform: Farmers Feeding the World.
  • Drill It Well
    Much like the engine that powers your tractor, farmland drives your operation forward by providing the fuel your crops need to survive.
  • Where Corn Goes
    The U.S. Grains Council releases a “chart of the week” to bring farmers new marketing insights.
  • Poised for Takeoff
    When you can spot a new practice from the highway, without even looking for it, it’s about to go mainstream.
  • Planter Pushes Pace
    Tight planting windows require a machine with enough speed and seed capacity to get the job done right.
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    With high-tech machinery and practices, you would think that hearing loss wouldn’t be as much of an issue for farmers.
  • Composite Creativity
    Life provides plenty of teachable moments, but not all of them are pleasant.
  • Precision Infrastructure
    Technology is great until it stops working.
  • Built for the Future
    There’s been a surge in on-farm grain storage investments since 2009 when the wet harvest exposed the weak links in grain systems across the country.
  • Just Right Rates
    Applying too little phosphate fertilizer can draw down your soil “bank account” and reduce yield, especially if the crop is stressed by weather or other factors.
  • Turn the Page on Hunger
    If you were given billions of dollars to improve the world, what would you do?
  • The Value of Teamwork
    Sometimes the best way to know where you’re going is to identify where you’ve been.
  • Apps to Map Your Fields
    Technology enhances the crop scouting process.

Web Extra

  • Key Elements of a Term Sheet
    Considering selling the operation to an unrelated third party? A term sheet will help.
  • Rural Road Funding
    Old rural infrastructure was not built for modern machinery and trucks. AgriTalk has the story.
  • Watch Horsch Maestro Planter in Action
    Farmer Justin Heinle of North Dakota demonstrates the speed at which he can travel through the field with his Maestro planter manufactured by Horsch.
  • Try These Field Scouting Apps
    Many of the newer scouting apps are user friendly and take little time to learn and put to use in your fields. Here are two to explore.
  • AgriTalk: Renewable Fuels
    EPA is proposing to cut the Renewable Fuel Standard for 2014 by nearly 3 billion gallons. Here's how it will affect farmers.
  • Nominate Yourself for the Farm Team
    Raise your hand. Become an advocate. Join the Farm Journal Foundation’s Farmers Feeding the World initiative in educating policymakers on the global hunger crisis.
  • Hearing Loss on the Farm
    Farmers have been losing their hearing for years, but can it be prevented? Find out why and how in today's show.
  • Take a Look into the Future of Farming
    Wonder what your farm will be like in 2025? Farm Journal Media has an idea. Check out our interactive site.
  • Krone Introduces BiG Pack 1290 HDP II Baler
    Check out this video showing the new large-square baler.
  • AGCO Introduces White Planter Model 9812
    Features of the new machine include an upgraded row unit, 90 bu. of seed carrying capacity and an overhauled frame for improved hydraulics efficiency.



  • Getting Ready for the New Year
    Nearly every economist I’ve interviewed or listened to during the past three years focused on 2014 and 2015.
  • John Deere Partners With Open Platform
    With recent updates and emerging partnerships, John Deere operators are one step closer to fully integrated and wireless data transfer from the field.
  • Sell Grain With This App
    A new free mobile app allows farmers with a CHS account to make and manage their futures-only, basis-only and cash offers from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Yield Pop Partners With FIRST
    Yield Pop announces that it has struck a deal for exclusive online rights to FIRST trial results to provide farmers with a uniquely interactive seed selection experience, says Matthew Perkins, Yield Pop CEO.
  • Say Merry Christmas With Farm Journal Media Gifts
    Is there a special farmer in your life who is nearly impossible to shop for? Farm Journal just might have the answer.
  • MachineryJournal
    For improved material flow through the machines of a reel disk, planter, and a baler.
  • Wheat Journal: Understand Sales Versus Shipments
    Export sales are a good thing, but they aren’t the only thing.
  • WheatJournal: Customize Your Inputs
    Increasingly, ag retailers are finding ways to abandon what they call a “cookie-cutter approach” to providing customers with crop inputs such as seed treatments, herbicides and insecticides.
  • WheatJournal: Kansas State University Expands Facilities
    With the dedication of the O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center in October, Kansas State University officials say that the school’s Grain Science Complex provides students a world-class educational experience for the wheat industry.
  • TailgateTalk
    It’s no secret that working with big equipment comes with risks.
  • New Products
    New Products from LED lights and reformulated silicone spray to heated insoles for your shoes.
  • $100 Idea
    Share your unpublished ideas and join our $100 Ideas Club.
  • No-Flat Tire Line Expands
    A manufacturer of deep-tread plastic tires for center-pivot irrigation systems, RhinoGator, has expanded its product offering to include tires with shallow treads.
  • Map Shows World’s Water-Stressed Crops
    More than 25% of global agricultural production happens in regions that are under high or extremely high water stress.
  • Turn 2013 Data Into 2014 Decisions
    This is the best time of year to put your data to the test, says Nathan Paul, DuPont Pioneer services applications manager.
  • Nebraska Water Woes
    Farmers in several sections of Nebra­ska are already facing the prospect of limits on irrigation water in 2014.
  • App Aims to Simplify Chemigation
    A free mobile app aims to make it easier for farmers to apply chemicals using an injection pump.
  • Pivots Abound in Minnesota
    Demand for irrigation in Minnesota is racing ahead, according to reports on Minnesota Public Radio.