Farm Journal: Mid-December 2013

Magazine Features

  • To Haul or Not to Haul
    Cell phones and remote diagnostics are changing the equipment maintenance process.
  • Utility Upgrades
    From ATVs to high-performance utility vehicles, farmers have long wish lists to tackle with their workhorses.
  • Burden to Bear
    Farmers are ratcheting it up, operating bigger machinery in their pursuit for higher yields and tires must change to bear such a heavy load.
  • Tools Suited to the Task
    Cover crops are gaining ground in the U.S., but their adoption has not been without a number of bumps.
  • Return on Investment
    Precision ag has many benefits on the farm, but adoption is far from universal.
  • Plant With Confidence
    The time you invest this winter in getting your planter ready for spring won’t increase the price of corn, but it can certainly help put more dollars in your pocket.
  • The Next Big Little Tractor Trend
    Weight requirements hover around 110 lb. to 120 lb. of tractor mass needed per horsepower, so higher horsepower tractors are heavier out of necessity.
  • Tailgate Talk
    Farm equipment dealerships are great places to study body language.
  • Hot New Iron
    Manufacturers built in more technology, new engines, and higher capacities in the past year, which yielded a bumper crop of new equipment.
  • The Road Ahead
    Auto makers introduce new cars at flashy auto shows.
  • Dive Into the Details That Move Used Equipment
    Here’s how equipment values ebb and flow with the calendar, followed by details on smaller and older combines, collector tractors, miscellaneous equipment and more.
  • Worldwide Appeal
    There really is nothing like Agritechnica and this year's event drew 450,000 visitors to see the eye-grabbing innovations.
  • Who Makes What Where
    For almost 25 years, Farm Journal has tracked where ag machines are manufactured and assembled by the major companies.
  • Industry Briefs
    Announcements from top players in the industry.
  • Pete’s Top Tales
    Some machines have legends bigger than themselves.
  • Corn Head Guide
    It’s important to put your best foot forward. That applies to corn heads, too, as they lead the way at harvest.
  • Cover Crops for Cattle
    Scorched pastures offered little substance for O.D. Cope’s 1,000-head cowherd in summer 2012. Desperate for forage in August, the Aurora, Mo., cattleman says he took a cue from area dairy producers.

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