Farm Journal: February 2014

Magazine Features

  • Help Wanted in D.C.
    You’re being called to help influence key issues.
  • Recommended Reading
    Dive into these books for succession planning inspiration.
  • It Pays to Haul
    With cash corn and soybean prices much lower than a year ago, seeking out several buyers for your grain is even more critical.
  • What the Tech Heist Means for Farmers
    The dust hasn’t even begun to settle, but it’s already clear that the greatest impact of the seed heist for farmers will be borne by those who grow seed.
  • Kings Nower Seed Company Snapshot
    The Chinese seed company at the heart of the tech heist is large, by any measure.
  • Tech Heist: Seeds of Deceit
    The FBI thwarts a ring of Chinese national thieves.
  • Tech Heist: Same Story, Different Crop
    Weiqiang Zhang and Wengui Yan, both natives of China and living lawfully in the U.S., are charged with trying to smuggle Intellectual Property and proprietary rice seed out of the country.
  • Smooth Hand-Off
    Starter fertilizer is a game of inches. That’s how precise of a role placement plays in feeding a crop early in its development.
  • Public Perception
    In the past decade, the U.S. has transitioned from being energy deficient to becoming a major energy provider.
  • Six Steps to Auger Success
    One of the best ways to carry corn and soybeans to the finish line is a portable auger.
  • Explore Ag Equipment
    The farming community has fallen head over heels for a different event: the National Farm Machi­nery Show (NFMS), which is prac­tically a holiday for loyal attendees.
  • A Smelly Situation
    Worse yet, this stinky pest is beginning to raise a ruckus in some corn and soybean fields.
  • Risk and Reward
    Every risk has its reward. With zone management, the reward is higher yields and profitability.
  • 2014 Wheat Watch
    There are reasons to be optimistic about this year’s wheat crop, but there are also several wild cards that could dampen price expectations. Lock in some early sales if they cover your costs.
  • 4 Micronutrients Wheat Craves
    How you can unlock the small secrets to big yield gains.
  • 10 Apps You Should Try Immediately
    Dozens of mobile apps are available to help you run a more efficient, knowledgeable, productive farming operation. Here are 10 apps to try.
  • Ground Control
    After 40 years of research and development that began in New Zealand, hundreds of Cross Slot drills and toolbars are in use worldwide.
  • Give Soil A Physical
    How many times have you looked at a yield map and wondered why one part of a field outyielded another?
  • Entrapment Hazard
    The biggest cost of grain storage could be your life. So, how careful is careful enough when it comes to climbing inside a bin?
  • Dairy 2014: A Pivotal Year
    Duane Alberts and his brothers David and Richard were in the eye of the 2013 maelstrom that left thousands of acres of Minnesota and Wisconsin alfalfa dead from winterkill.
  • The Value of Precision
    The livestock, poultry and dairy sectors should have a great year, thanks to lower feed costs and promising domestic demand and exports.
  • Hurry Up and Wait
    For corn and soybean farmers struggling to keep a lid on tough-to-control weeds while producing high-yielding crops, the introduction of new products currently in the pipeline can’t happen soon enough. 
  • Good, Wet Winter
    This year’s winter should be favorable for U.S. and South American crops, but pockets of drought remain a concern in the U.S.
  • Back in the Game
    Alfalfa and hay supplies are key this year—a building U.S. cattle herd, long-term diminishing forage acreage, water constraints in the West, drought and rising exports will support hay prices in 2014.
  • Increase Speed Ahead
    Precision Planting says it's possible as it unveils its new SpeedTube technology.

Web Extra


  • In the Shop: Tricks and Time Savers
    There are dozens of tricks to save time, effort and money when making repairs to farm equipment. Here are a few of them.
  • High-Yield Wheat: The Science Behind Optical Crop Sensors
    One of the biggest challenges Phil Needham has each season is determining the appropriate nitrogen rates across each wheat field.
  • Target a Taxable Income
    Develop a target income for your operation and make adjustments as your operation changes.
  • To Capture a Memory
    There are numerous trends swirling in the used farm equipment market these days.
  • Outlook: Hold Tight to Profits
    We started 2014 with extremely frigid temperatures in the Midwest. While it could be killing bugs and even having a positive impact on soil composition and moisture conditions, I have to say Mother Nature is pushing the norms.


  • Assessing a Rain-Fed Switch
    Limited freshwater for irrigation, coupled with pro­jected climate change, could hurt crop production much more than previously thought.
  • Crop Tech: Yields Plateau
    About 30% of the major global cereal crops, including corn, wheat and rice, might have reached their maximum possible yields in farmers’ fields.
  • Crop Tech: New Insecticide
    Chemtura AgroSolutions announ-ces that its DoubleTake insecticide has received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Crop Tech: Value of Poultry Litter
    The use of poultry litter can contribute to reduced fertilizer input costs for many farmers, depending on the price and transportation expense.
  • Lessons From the Field
    Agronomists reply to inquiries about sulfur, tillage and volunteer beans.
  • Machinery Journal
    Explains benefits of a double duty disk opener has along with sharper and stronger blades for grain drills, also introducing a beefed-up disk harrow, and a 1,600 bushel track grain cart.
  • Tailgate Talk
    The Farm Journal Forum this past December provided an opportunity for agricultural scientists, producers, business leaders and policymakers to meet and discuss the future of agricultural innovation.
  • Nimble Discipline
    Almost four years ago, Abe Hughes was appointed vice president of New Holland North America with one goal—get the brand back in the game.
  • Editor’s Notebook: The Two Luck VIP Trip Winners
    It’s official! We have a winner that will be heading off to sugarcane country.
  • New Farm Journal Tax Columnist
    Meet Darrell Dunteman, our new Tax Corner column.
  • $100 Ideas
    Submit your unpublished idea for a chance to win!