Farm Journal: Late Spring 2014

Magazine Features

  • 70% of Farmers Don’t Have Complete Succession Plan
    Nearly 40% of farmers don’t have a succession plan at all and 32% only somewhat have one, according to a recent Farm Journal Pulse.
  • Iconic Stop for HungerU
    National Tour visits Capitol Hill this spring.
  • Clear Your Schedule
    Not sure where to start your family’s succession plan? Step one is a family meeting.
  • Earn an A+ in Zone Management
    While farm fields might look similar to a casual passerby, farmers know the differences can be as vast as the field is big.
  • Push for Data Standards
    Open Ag Data Alliance and AgGateway offer solutions
  • What Spring Will Bring
    Flooding, drought and more are top of mind.
  • Meet Farm Journal Team Member: Aimee Cope
    This magazine marks the first Farm Journal coverage created by Aimee Cope, our new Multimedia Editor for Machinery and Crops.
  • Increase Shelf Life
    Be prepared for grain quality surprises in your bins
  • Soybean Rust Outlook
    Mother Nature can be your friend or foe. For a lot of farmers, she was the latter this past winter.
  • Armyworm Marches North
    A year-round resident of Florida and Puerto Rico, the Cry1F-resistant pest has been spotted in North Carolina
  • Know to Control
    Farm Journal Field Agronomists lead two-year study to determine the best control measures for soybean cyst nematodes
  • Words of Wisdom
    This is the year to challenge traditional thinking and be open to fresh ideas.
  • Upper Hand for Soybeans
    The environment is a driving factor when building soybean yield components and managing pests.
  • Nominate Yourself for the Farm Team
    Join the Farm Journal Foundation’s Farmers Feeding the World platform in a new initiative for U.S. farmers and ranchers to help educate policymakers on the global hunger challenge—and the need to support modern agriculture in developing countries.
  • Rotation Remix
    Corn takes a back seat to other crops
  • Sensible Conservation
    Financial health is typically measured in dollars and cents, but that’s not the only standard Bryan Boll uses to evaluate his farm’s well-being. Accruing nutrient-rich soil is just as vital to the future of his operation as hard currency.
  • Sorghum Steps Up
    Genetic engineering has made water-stingy, sorghum-based forages more productive, with feeding qualities that rival corn
  • Better Than Mediocre
    A 5% boost across the board is big for your bottom line
  • Planter Details
    Farmers report planter size, age
  • Midseason Checkup
    How to pinpoint and remedy planter problems
  • Four States Confirm Rootworm Resistance
    University entomologists report that western corn rootworm (CRW) resistance to the Bt toxin Cry3Bb1 has been found in fields in four states.
  • Delicate Balance
    New Syngenta seed trait gets a limited launch in 2014
  • Kudzu Bug Alert
    This pest is in Southern soybeans and headed north
  • Did Ukraine Spark a Market Rally?
    Recent volatility in Ukraine got the market talking earlier this spring, especially after wheat traded above $7 for a few days in March.
  • Seeker Insecticide Gains Registration Approval
    Dow AgroSciences announced in early April that its Seeker insecticide received federal registration approval from the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Spring Wheat Seeding Rate Research
    Seeding rate might sound like a routine management decision for wheat growers but don’t discount its importance in maximizing profitability, says Nathan Mueller, South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension agronomy specialist.

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  • HungerU Goes to the Races
    The Farm Journal Foundation’s HungerU Tour heads to the races this spring with a two-day stop at the Kansas Motor Speedway.
  • $100 Ideas
    $100 Ideas
  • Crop Tech
    See the latest crop technology from companies like AgBiTech, Innvictis Crop Care, LLC,, Syngenta, and more.
  • Tailgate Talk
    Join the drone discussion on AgWeb, see the latest What A Day! picture and catch up on the latest stats.
  • Editor's Notebook: Our Echo Chamber Sets Us Back
    Farm Journal was proud to help sponsor National Ag Day in Washington, D.C., this past March.
  • Machinery Journal
    See the latest farm machinery from companies like the Landoll Corporation, Case IH, Versatile, Sunflower, and much more.