Farm Journal: Mid-October 2017

Magazine Features

  • Make Technology a Priority

    A financial and mental commitment is necessary to move the needle on profitability

  • Is Your Yield Monitor On Point?

    Calibrate, collect and analyze end-of-season data

  • Data Company Deliverables

    Ask prospective partners to prove they can offer value

  • 7 Ways to 'See' Your Crop

    Because walking every acre is out of the question, farmers are turning to drones, manned aircraft, satellites and remote-sensing technology. The resulting imagery paired with other data and boots on the ground can then become actionable intelligence to be used for a host of purposes.

  • Are You Ready for Variable Rate?

    Reaping the benefits of new technology demands a systems approach to crop production

  • Hire Tech-Savvy Employees

    Give workers the time and training to learn

  • Moisture Management

    Controlled drainage can boost yields, stem nutrient runoff

  • Manage By Zone to Expand Potential

    Historical data and experience divide fields based on natural variability, characteristics

  • The Compensation Connection

    Farmers need precision technology to provide a profitable return on investment

  • High-Tech, High-Efficiency Machines

    There’s a lot riding on farm machinery. These days, manufacturers are focusing their efforts on design, capability, ease of operation, autonomy and data collection. In recent weeks, three concept innovations, a planter attachment, tractor and baler, and a harvesting system have been shaking up the industry. Not that long ago, these innovations were nothing more than a mere idea. Today, they’re proving just how far farm machinery can push the envelope for the sake of productivity and sustainability for farmers in the U.S.