18:37PM Jan 16, 2009


New flexibility for cash rents, Bankrupt buyer, Easier acquisition of farm workers, brush up on crop insurance and ACRE terms, Tectonic land shifts likely.
18:03PM Jan 10, 2009

Some Soils Need Chloride

Darrell Smith
Conservation and Machinery Editor
Chloride fertilizer can boost yields on deficient High Plains soils.
13:54PM Dec 19, 2008

More Evidence the Land Market is Weakening

Linda H. Smith
Markets Editor
Land sales demand has softened, according to Jim Farrell, president and CEO of Farmers National Company in Omaha, Neb.
14:50PM Dec 03, 2008

On A Profit Pace

Greg Vincent
AgWeb Contributor
Purdue study shows farm growth rates will slow some
07:04AM Nov 04, 2008

Moneywise Editors
AgWeb Contributor
Tips for weathering the economic downturn. Ag lending: visit banker early, communicate often, keep good records, build cash, negotiate rates. Cash rent renegotiation may be in order. Land price rise
15:27PM Sep 05, 2008

The Top Line

Greg Vincent
AgWeb Contributor
The Online Lawyer says myriad reasons contribute to divorce in a marriage, but the underlying reason always comes back to the inability to communicate, compromise or commit. And those three
15:07PM Sep 05, 2008

Hang Onto Land: Use Flex Leases With Caution

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer
As negotiations on rental contracts begin in earnest for 2009, keep in mind that flex lease or other non-traditional rental arrangements may be viewed differently by the Farm Service Administration