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  • Corn_August_2

    Let the Market Dictate Strategy in "Fragile" Corn Market

    Oct 19, 2017 03:04 PM

    It’s been one week since the USDA released its crop production report, and one analyst isn’t sure if the report was enough for corn to hit a harvest low. 

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  • James_Washington

    College Football Standout Shines In A Different "Field"

    Oct 19, 2017 01:24 PM

    James Washington, a senior on the Oklahoma State University football team, was just named to the midseason All-American team.

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  • /assets/1/19/Courtesy_BASF_SE_2.jpg?438849

    BASF Comments on $7 Billion Bayer Purchase

    Oct 19, 2017 12:10 PM

    Less than a week after announcing a large buyout, BASF is revealing details of its plan to buy a large chunk of Bayer’s seed tech business. This transaction will launch BASF into the business of selling crop seed for the first time. 

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  • none

    Seed No. 1 in Continuous Soybeans

    Oct 19, 2017 11:40 AM

    Prepare for additional challenges when planting soybeans on soybeans

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  • storm clouds

    RMI Reveals Greatest Banking Threat is Farm Foreclosures

    Oct 19, 2017 09:50 AM

    The Rural Mainstreet Index (RMI) released each month by Creighton University is becoming a broken record when describing the farm economy - the overall index remaining below growth neutral. The bright spot in the September RMI is the index saw slight improvements, jumping from 39.6 in September to 45.3 in October.  Every state showed a boost in the RMI, except Missouri, where the index slipped to 49.2 from 51.3

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  • NAFTA_flags

    NAFTA Negotiation Optimism Dwindles

    Oct 19, 2017 09:42 AM

    One of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises was a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). These hopes to modernize NAFTA by the end of 2017 are looking dismal as trade ministers from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. are planning for negotiations into 2018.

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  • /assets/1/6/bfeff2161fb3465ca6232d707870423b1.jpg?4261046

    Farmers Move Away from Fall-Applied Anhydrous

    Oct 19, 2017 09:14 AM

    Farmers’ shift away from fall application of nitrogen for crops such as corn and sorghum is being reflected in changing retail practices, says Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie. “In my area of central Illinois, I know two fertilizer plants that have completely dropped anhydrous ammonia,” he says. “Their sales had shifted to spring application of nitrogen solution. While ammonia can be applied in the spring, farmers found it took up too much of their time when they needed to concentrate on planting, compared to nitrogen solution that can be applied as they plant or with herbicides.”

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Results: 1900 Records found.