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  • illinois-corn-and-soybeans-near-atlanta-and-stanford_14989164555_o

    Vomitoxin Makes Nasty Appearance for U.S. Farm Sector

    Apr 22, 2017 03:16 PM

    A fungus that causes “vomitoxin” has been found in some U.S. corn harvested last year, forcing poultry and pork farmers to test their grain, and giving headaches to grain growers already wrestling with massive supplies and low prices.

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  • BT_Cattle_Feedlots

    U.S. March Feedlot Cattle Placements Carve New Monthly High

    Apr 21, 2017 10:12 PM

    Report called mildly bearish for CME live cattle futures.

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  • Oil Pumps

    Oil Back Below $50 Amid Growing U.S. Production

    Apr 21, 2017 04:04 PM

    Oil dropped below $50 a barrel as investors lost faith that an extension of OPEC-led supply cuts will overcome growing U.S. production and ease a global glut.

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  • none

    Soil Champions

    Apr 21, 2017 03:22 PM

    Brothers turn finicky muck into a vertically integrated food powerhouse.

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  • calculator taxes accounting

    Late Options On Bonus Depreciation Are Available

    Apr 21, 2017 02:26 PM

    Bonus depreciation allows farmers to deduct some upfront percentage of their fixed asset purchases that are new during the year.  The current percentage if 50% (it has been as high as 100% during parts of 2010 and all of 2011).  This can be a very powerful tax planning tool, however, in many situations, farmers would rather not take bonus depreciation.

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    Forecasts and Macros in Focus This Weekend

    Apr 21, 2017 12:58 PM

    Grain markets are mixed as the trading week draws to a close. Sunday night traders will have their eyes on weather maps and the French presidential elections for a macro impact.

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  • Brushite

    Could This be a Game Changer for Phosphorus?

    Apr 21, 2017 11:18 AM

    At great cost, phosphorus is laboriously mined and processed so it can be used by the agriculture industry. Some 27.6 million metric tons were removed from the earth in 2015. But an agtech UW-Madison spinoff has discovered another innovative way to collect this valuable mineral.

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Results: 2526 Records found.