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    Mandatory Farm Program Cuts in FY19 Budget Proposal

    Mar 16, 2018 11:05 AM

    In addition to the discretionary cuts to USDA funding described in last week's blog, the President's FY19 budget also proposed $254 billion in cuts over ten years to programs in the four main titles of the farm bill, nutrition, crop insurance, commodities, and conservation.

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  • starting at sunrise

    Sustainable Brands Invites Food Leaders To Vancouver Conference

    Mar 16, 2018 09:26 AM

    The event brings together more than 3,000 attendees, 75% of whom are decision-makers, from global brands such as Amazon, DanoneWave, Ford, Google, Kellogg Company, Nestle, PepsiCo and Walmart.

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    Judge Calls Testimony of Anti-Roundup Experts "Shaky"

    Mar 14, 2018 04:51 PM

    A lawsuit claiming Monsanto Co.’s popular weed killer Roundup causes cancer was dealt a blow by a judge’s conclusions that the opinions of the experts testifying against it are "shaky," a potentially devastating development for the case getting to trial.

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    Deal Reached to Adjust Tax Break on Grain Sales

    Mar 14, 2018 03:58 PM

    Congressional committees and farm groups have crafted language to fix a provision in the federal tax overhaul that gave an unintended tax advantage to farmers who sell their crops to cooperatives instead of other buyers. 

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  • March 14, 2018

    Cabinet Secretaries Testify on Public Works Project

    Mar 14, 2018 02:51 PM

    The White House says Donald Trump will campaign to pass legislation this year to upgrade roads, bridges and other public works, as members of Congress from both parties say it will only happen with funding and a push from the president.

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    US Cranberries First Casualty of Trade War

    Mar 14, 2018 10:32 AM

    The American cranberry industry is one of the biggest losers so far in the escalating trade dispute between the European Union and the U.S.

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  • Farm Bill 2018

    FarmBill Release Delayed

    Mar 14, 2018 09:24 AM

    House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway said he’s delaying the release of a draft version of the 2018 Farm Bill as he seeks bipartisan support.


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