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MILK: January 2010

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  • Nice Neighbors New York dairies get great grades
    Do neighbors grumble about your farming practices when you're out of earshot? Those who had a chance to anonymously register their complaints recently in a New York State survey didn't—much.
  • Alfalfa Reinvented Bioengineering could improve fiber, protein digestibility
    Alfalfa breeders are looking to improve fiber digestibility and slow down the rate of protein digestibility in the cow's rumen
  • Wages Unchanged More dairies offer incentive pay
    Wages paid to dairy farm workers remain essentially unchanged from three years ago
  • Who you gonna call?
    The dairy industry—Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), the National Milk Producers Federation, the International Dairy Foods Association, MilkPEP and the U.S. Dairy Export Federation--have teamed up to provide science-based information that is already available and can be updated as new information becomes available during crisis management events.