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MILK: May 2010

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  • 2010 Virtual Farm Tours at World Dairy Expo
    Visit dairies from across the United States without leaving World Dairy Expo 2010. Free tours will be presented daily, Tuesday through Saturday, September 28 – October 2, in the Mendota 1 meeting room in the Exhibition Hall.



  • Code of Conduct Does your business have one in writing?
    If you and your partners are getting into too many arguments, or simply aren't communicating well, your business might need a specified "code of conduct” that every partner agrees to and carries with him or her.
  • OSHA Gets Tough Top 10 dairy citations
    OSHA says that dairies account for a higher incidence of accidents over the general workforce. The most frequent dairy injuries involve hands and fingers, backs, legs and knees. These often result in employees missing work and, ultimately, higher insurance premiums.
  • Assess Cow Cooling
    A simple check back in your records can give you a pretty good idea of whether your summer cow cooling practices are adequate.