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MILK: October 2010

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  • Práctico de desvasado - Hands-on Hoof Care
    Es un día frio en el Valle de San Joaquín en California, y el Dr. Jan Shearer está bien abrigado para poder pasar todo el día desvasando a las vacas lecheras.
  • Patrones de referencia para las novillas - Benchmarks for Heifers
    Una nueva serie de estándares para la cría de becerras y novillas fue publicada por la Asociación de criadores de becerras y novillas lecheras (DCHA por sus cifras en inglés). Conocidos como Patrones de Referencia II, éstos analizan la producción y desempeño de las novillas de los Estados Unidos desde los seis meses de edad hasta el parto.



  • Today's Products: Milk Fat Solution
    Dairy producers across the country have complained about low milk fat this year, though nutritionists have been hard-pressed to explain it.
  • Book Review: A Mile of Dreams
    A Mile of Dreams is a fine, multi-textured first novel by Jim Trevis. On the surface, it is a classic coming-of-age story about a rural Minnesota dairy farm kid struggling to achieve rookie athletic glory. On a deeper reading, the novel is more about the straining of family relationships as rural culture transitions from isolated, one-family farms to modern, commercial agriculture.
  • 1% Too Many
    The University of Minnesota's John Fetrow wants the dairy industry to keep drug residues out of meat and milk.
  • Recycle Ag Plastic
    Clean storage is key to taking advantage of new options
  • High-Sulfur Manure
    After pit agitation, hydrogen sulfide levels climb quickly


  • Nutrition: Feed Costs Revisited
    With good growing conditions this summer and an outlook for big crops, the hope was that feed costs for 2011 would be low. But high feed exports and renewable fuel demands are clouding that once sunny picture.
  • Market Watch Diary: Feed Costs Create Pinch
  • Dollars & Sense: Keep Cows Comfortable
    Dollars & Sense: Keep Cows Comfortable
  • Dairy Talk: Animal Care Choices
    No one, least of all dairy producers, wants more regulation—particularly when it involves how they care for their animals. Depending on your ZIP code, animal welfare regulation has become, or will soon become, a fact of life. So you have a choice: You can have laws handed to you—often in the form of ballot initiatives—or you can participate in the process.
  • Milking Center Management: The SCC Sleuth
    The current discussion regarding lowering the legal somatic cell count (SCC) limit to 400,000 cells/ml has, if nothing else, stimulated more questions from producers about why their counts are higher than they would like. Recently I received a call from a producer whose bulk tank SCC (BTSCC) typically runs solidly below 200,000. But over the last few months, it has slowly crept up to just under 300,000. During this time, there was little change in the number of clinical mastitis cases being treated. Routine monthly bulk tank bacterial screens showed traces of Staph. aureus, low levels of other Staph. species, low levels of coliforms and moderate levels of environmental Streps.