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MILK: February 2011

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  • Revisando la Reproducción
    El periodo de transición, un momento critico
  • Verdades molestas
    Su empleado ha nacido en Méjico y ha trabajado en su finca durante los últimos quince años. Es un gran trabajador y una buena persona. Usted ha visto crecer a sus hijos y es casi como parte de su familia. Un día le cuenta que ingreso al país ilegalmente. ¿Que debe hacer usted?
  • Manejo Del Centro De Ordenio


  • A Better Footbath
    Two dunks are better than one, and three are better yet. That’s why Nigel Cook, a University of Wisconsin veterinarian and humane cow care specialist, is recommending that footbaths be at least 10' in length. Twelve-foot baths are even better.
  • Flush-Flume Simplicity
    A flush-flume sand settling system simplifies sand removal at 3-D Dairy.
  • Repro Revisited
    Cows that have difficulty calving, retained placentas, uterine infections, ketosis, displaced abomasums and mastitis will have more difficulty conceiving.
  • Inconvenient Truths
    Immigration compliance often involves hard choices for employers.
  • Silage Joins Polluter List
    Under revised air-quality Rule 4570, California dairies must cut silage emissions.
  • Manure Mecca
    8,000-cow manure processing center in Wisconsin has it all.


  • Ask a Labor Expert
    New online features allow you to get answers to your employment questions.


  • Nutrition: Don't Cut Trace Minerals
    Many factors contribute to rising feed costs: diet formulation, feed wastage, ingredient selection and purchasing. One frequently mentioned cost-cutting measure, because it is a direct cash cost, is to eliminate minerals and particularly trace mineral supplementation. However, all dairy diets need some supplementation as natural, home-raised feeds are usually low in most required trace minerals. Not supplementing will result in a moderate deficiency.
  • Dollars & Sense: Herd Health and Reproduction
  • Milking Center Management: FDA to screen bulk tanks
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced its intention to screen farm bulk-tank milk for a number of compounds other than the beta lactams required by the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance.
  • Market Watch Diary: The Higher Price Band
    The return of global food inflation is one of 2011's big stories, with much focus rightly turned to grain prices.
  • Dairy Talk: OK, now what?
    By the time you read this, the recommendations of USDA’s Dairy Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC) will likely be on their way to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.