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MILK: December 2011

Espanol Version

  • La Mano de Obra Importa: Diferencias culturales
    Muchos productores de leche emplean trabajadores de habla hispana.
  • Negocio riesgoso
    En una granja lechera todos los días hay que tomar múltiples decisiones respecto a lo que comerán las vacas, cuanto comerán, cuales vacas comerán determinado alimento y como se les va a mezclar y presentar el alimento a las mismas.


  • The Road to Risk Management
    Learn how one producer worked his way toward a solid marketing program.
  • All for One
    Dannon Yogurt is contracting with a single dairy operation to supply all the milk for its Fort Worth, Tex. yogurt plant.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
    Even though life insurance can be expensive, it’s usually cheaper than taking out a loan when a partner exits.
  • Genomic Testing Pays
    Genomic testing works well in herds that have excess heifers and want to cull low-end genetic potential animals.
  • Growing Resistance
    As human resistance to antibiotics grows, you pay the price.
  • Dairy Reform Laid Bare
    A new study suggests the reforms could lower the U.S. all-milk price by 92¢/cwt, trigger supply management programs 40% to 45% of the time and lower cumulative net farm operating income 32% to 48%.


  • Know Your Rights
    "This is the United States, and you do still have private property rights." A labor attorney offers insights.
  • Ethanol's Long Shadow
    The impact of ethanol on feed prices isn't what you might think.
  • Johne's Control Works
    Implementing Johne’s control measures must become a part of daily routine, and followed year after year.