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MILK: October 2012

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  • NUTRICIÓN: Haga buenas elecciones de alimentos
    La sequia, con los resultantes altos precios del alimento, tiene a los productores de leche y a los nutricionistas a mal traer en la búsqueda de alimentos y de bajos costos para alimentar a las vacas.


  • Sole Supplier
    The 2012 Elite Producer Business Conference will be held Nov. 5 – 7 in Las Vegas.
  • Boluses of Protection
    ‘Nearly all second and later lactation cows experience some drop in blood calcium at calving, and about 50% have levels less than 8.5 mg/dl.’
  • Recycled Manure Beds
    Recycled manure solids appear to be a satisfactory bedding option for freestall dairy herds.
  • The Need to Plan
    Rapid expansion cements the need for transition planning.
  • Life with No Order(s)
    All-milk prices would drop 9¢ to 27¢/cwt, but total farm revenue would drop $3 to $5.4 billion over seven years.
  • California Ponders a Federal Order
    California’s milk prices have trailed the national average, fueling interest in jettisoning the state system for an FMMO.
  • North Dakota: Boom or Bust?
    The black-gold bonanza has opened up a thriving new fluid milk market for Jerry Messer, whose dairy milks 260 cows near Richardton, N.D.


  • Multi-Year Pit Cover
    Used in combination with plastic, recycled rubber roofing provides excellent oxygen barrier over silage pits.