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MILK: March 2013

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  • Observe a las becerras frecuentemente
    A medida que más productores manejan a las becerras en forma grupal, se torna mas difícil identificar a las becerras que están enfermas.
  • Robots para el suministro del alimento
    La popularidad de los proveedores electrónicos de alimento líquido para las becerras está incrementándose debido a que dicha tecnología combina programas de crecimiento acelerado con mejoras en la inmunidad de las becerras.


  • Milk Pregnancy Test
    The Milk Pregnancy Test has the added convenience of not having to lock up cows separately, draw blood and submit samples.
  • Balancing Act
    ‘The United States has been dropped into a new role as a world exporter and world balancer of global dairy markets.’ --Mark Stephenson, University of Wisconsin.
  • Watch Your Weight
    The WeighRite program records commodity, weight in, weight out, time and date and then wirelessly sends data to your office computer.
  • Nix the Nitrogen
    Biofilter technology removes nitrogen in wastewater.


  • Money In the Bank
    In Wisconsin trials, snaplage yields ranged from 6 to 7 tons/a with starch content ranging from about 60% to 66%.
  • Low K Not OK
    Dry soils tie up potassium in between clay layers, making it unavailable to growing crops.
  • Observe Young Calves Often
    The key to finding sick calves is to observe calves several times each day.