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MILK: March 2014

Cover Story

  • Finally, a Farm Bill
    “The new Agricultural Act offers a total revamping of the safety nets that have been in place for the dairy sector going back to the middle of the 20th Century.” --Analysis paper by five Midwest university dairy economists.

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  • Protocolos para Mastitis
    La Administración de Alimentos y Drogas requiere que todas las fincas que utilicen un antibiótico con prescripción cuenten con una relación veterinario/paciente/cliente válida y con protocolos escritos de tratamientos.


  • Do Robotic Milkers Pay?
    The three biggest variables are labor savings, milk production increases and milk prices.
  • Smarter Tools
    Mobile technology could change the way cows are milked and managed.
  • Rein In Energy Use
    Energy use is a major cost for farms. Knowing where that money is going can be benefit to dairy producers.
  • Mastitis Protocols
    ‘Treatment protocols are lot more than what drug to use, how often it is used and at what volume.’ --Michigan State veterinarian Ron Erskine.
  • California Dairies Confront the Drought
    While eyeing record-high milk prices, California’s dairies prepare for limited forage and water supplies.