Hay bales
13:01PM Dec 06, 2019

Determine Your Winter Hay Needs

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Factor in hay quality and your cows’ nutrition needs

12:15PM Nov 20, 2019

Late Harvest Causes Some Forage Issues For Livestock Producers

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter

The historically late harvest is causing more problems and not just for farmers but livestock producers. AgDay National Reporter Betsy Jibben has more on the final stop on the I-80

20:28PM Oct 07, 2019

Build Better Baleage for a Better Bottom Line

Taylor Leach
AgWeb Contributor

“The reality is, bale density, or the hardness of the bale, has a heck of a lot to do with your return on investment.”

09:04AM Aug 08, 2019

Lawsuit Alleges Rancher, John Deere Combine Caused Wildfire

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

A lawsuit filed in Oregon claims the August 2017 wildfire that burned 68,000 acres was caused by a rancher and John Deere, the manufacturer of a combine that sparked the

06:30AM Jul 01, 2019

Endopyte Infected Fescue and Ergot is "Right on Schedule"

University of Missouri
AgWeb Contributor

Dilution of fescue pastures by interseeding novel fescue is one way to solve the problem of toxic summer pastures.

12:00PM Jun 21, 2019

Is Silage Corn a Cover Crop?

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor

Is silage corn considered a cover crop? The short answer: it depends.

15:00PM Jun 20, 2019

Adding More Rain to Already Wet Fields

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman looks at another soggy forecast and cooler conditions.