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  • Red and Apparently Dead

    10/20/2017 03:47 PM A glance at the weekly change table below shows a lot of red numbers, and not by just fractions of a percent. The notable exceptions (soy oil, hogs, oats) had good fundamental stories for the week. For the rest, the main theme for most of the week was a lack of price volatility. Options traders in particular were complaining that there was no vol to sell, and buying cheap options doesn’t work if there are no signs of life in the underlying.
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    USDA Withdraws GIPSA Rule
    10/18/2017 10:53 AM

    The Trump administration's decision to withdraw proposed GIPSA rule upsets Republican Iowa lawmaker

  • When “Help Wanted” Ads Need Help
    10/16/2017 02:18 PM

    Online job ads can be a wonderful tool if done correctly. 

  • Earning Others' Trust at Work
    10/16/2017 10:34 AM

    Working in an environment where co-workers can rely upon one another and are confident in each other’s abilities is very rewarding.

  • Smarter? No So Fast!
    10/13/2017 04:28 PM In last week’s column, I talked about being too soon oldt and too late schmardt. I offered the hope that we would be smarter about where prices should go after the USDA reports came out on Thursday. We now have more data, but are we smarter? As an example, USDA surprised the trade by hiking US average corn yield to 171.8 bpa and boosting production 96 million bushels. That would be presumed to be a bearish input, but prices were higher on both Thursday and Friday.
  • Activist Coalition Challenges Iowa Ag Protection Act
    10/13/2017 12:23 PM

    As they have in other states, activist groups led by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, have filed suit against the Iowa’s Ag Protection Act, commonly referred to by activists as an "Ag-Gag" law.

  • Importance of Trade Can't Be Overstated
    10/13/2017 10:54 AM

    Export growth has been fueled by trade agreements that provide favorable environments for all parties. Those relationships need to continue.

  • Rabobank Says U.S. Pork Industry to See Ongoing Growth
    10/12/2017 11:00 AM

    Whether the outlook is positive or negative depends largely on exports, and the industry’s ability to remain a trusted trade partner, says Rabobank in a new report.

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    Lower Prices Curing Low Prices in Hog Market
    10/11/2017 02:56 PM

    Hook space is growing along with the current pork herd, and pork prices have been feeling pressure.