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18:27PM Aug 16, 2019

Cash Weaner Pig Prices Average $21.89, Up $1.89 Last Week

Cash-traded weaner pig reported volume was above average this past week, with 65,905 head reported. Cash weaner pig reported prices were $21.89, up $1.89 per head from last week.
14:13PM Aug 16, 2019

Dan Murphy: World’s Worst Slogan: ‘Leave Animals Alone.'

Dan Murphy
AgWeb Contributor
The shameless partisans at PETA have made a living claiming that we must avoid all contact with animals — especially food animals. Here’s Exhibit No. 275 why that message is
11:55AM Aug 16, 2019

Glitter Snot and Virus Swapping: Hands-on Biosecurity Practice

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor
Green glitter snot, vials of viruses and more drew in over 150 young swine enthusiasts at the Illinois State Fair for a “Becoming a Swientist” workshop and biosecurity panel discussion.
11:37AM Aug 16, 2019

African Swine Fever is Not Under Control, Suderman Says

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor
Sources on the ground in China claim the losses are closer to 45% year-on-year.
11:30AM Aug 16, 2019

Missing Diemel Brothers’ Business Described By Wisc. Auction Manager

Brittany Bowman
AgWeb Contributor
The Diemel brothers’ business was based in the dairy community of Bonduel, Wisc., and the community has rallied around the Diemel family.
11:06AM Aug 16, 2019

MSU Offers Livestock Transport Accident Emergency Response Training

People involved in responding to, or preparing teams to respond to, accidents involving animals will receive critical information on the proper protocols, training and equipment needed to manage these events.
10:56AM Aug 16, 2019

Hog Futures Drop Despite China’s Big U.S. Pork Purchase

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor
Chicago Mercantile Exchange hog futures dropped to a five-month low on Thursday. Traders said big supplies dashed any hope from the news that China made its biggest purchase of U.S.