14:33PM Jan 27, 2020

Alltech’s Annual Survey Finds First Production Decline in Nine Years

Katie James
AgWeb Contributor

Data from almost 30,000 feed mills indicate that ASF had a hand in the 1.07% decrease in metric tons of feed produced.

17:48PM Jan 25, 2020

Super Bowl: SF Writer Throws Shade On 'Cowtown'

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

The hype leading up to Sunday's big game becomes mind-boggling, which is the only logical explanation for Scott Ostler’s poke in Kansas City’s collective eye with a sharp stick.

Sunlit Snowy Peak and Valley with Lingering Fog
13:38PM Jan 25, 2020

Commentary: Share Comments on Proposed NEPA Modernization Rule

Tanner Beymer
AgWeb Contributor

Those who are intimately familiar with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) know the disfunction and egregious overreach the law brings to livestock producers—particularly those that operate on federal lands.

17:12PM Jan 24, 2020

Fed Cattle Steady, COF 2% Higher

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Agricultural Marketing Service reporters said the market was most active on “lightweight cattle, in light flesh, as numbers of those cattle are not as plentiful as their heavier mates.”

13:25PM Jan 24, 2020

Hormel Creates 54-Topping Pizza Ahead of Super Bowl LIV

Katie James
AgWeb Contributor

The almost 9-foot pizza is divided into five sections, each one representing a region of the United States.

11:50AM Jan 24, 2020

Antibiotic Rules Continue to Evolve

Market forces and regulatory actions will drive emphasis on disease prevention and antibiotic stewardship.

10:34AM Jan 24, 2020

Seeking Solutions for Feedlot Heart Disease

Researchers Identify Genomic Markers for Risk of Bovine Congestive Heart Failure