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Cargo ship
14:59PM Aug 20, 2019

Are U.S. Pig Farmers Giving Up Hope on Trade to China?

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor
Despite President Trump’s positive outlook on the trade war ending “soon,” some U.S. pig farmers are frustrated that they are missing opportunities to sell more pork to China. But others
14:44PM Aug 20, 2019

Elanco Agrees To Buy Bayer Animal Health

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
Elanco Animal Health has agree to buy Bayer’s veterinary drugs unit in a cash and stock deal valued at $7.6 billion.
sow and piglets in stall
12:02PM Aug 20, 2019

Japan Sow Stocks Rebound After Years of Decline from PEDv

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor
Has Japan’s hog industry finally shaken off the worst effects of the PEDv outbreak of 2013? The Foreign Agricultural Service/Tokyo thinks so, as sow stocks recover to levels not seen
11:55AM Aug 20, 2019

Dan Murphy: Rules to Eat By

Dan Murphy
AgWeb Contributor
As if there aren’t enough books telling us how to live, where to work and what to eat, a 10-year-old tome with (literally) a hundred maxims on food and diets
06:30AM Aug 20, 2019

Promising Prospects for U.S. Red Meat in the Philippines

AgWeb Contributor
U.S. beef export growth to the Philippines is being driven in part by the proliferation of Korean-style barbecue restaurants. Meanwhile pork exports are down, but are expected to pick up,
05:45AM Aug 20, 2019

Questions About Corn Crop Continue

University of Illinois
AgWeb Contributor
USDA’s August crop production forecast delivered a shock to corn markets with much larger production than expected. Market participants continue to question the crop size, says agricultural economist Todd Hubbs.
21:21PM Aug 19, 2019

Philippines Investigates Pig Deaths for African Swine Fever

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor
The Philippines is investigating a rise in pig deaths in some areas for the deadly African swine fever virus, although no cases have been confirmed yet.