CAB Angus feeder feeding cattle Tiffany Kansas
11:41AM Jan 15, 2020

CAB Insider: Continued Growth and Demand

Paul Dykstra
AgWeb Contributor

The fed cattle market continued on the same track last week remaining at $124/cwt. Fed cattle prices have now increased for 18 straight weeks basis the USDA 5-area Weighted Average

11:37AM Jan 15, 2020

Blister Beetle Blamed for Death of Wisconsin Horses

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor

Hay tainted by a toxic beetle is blamed for the deaths of at least 13 horses and illnesses to dozens of others on a Wisconsin ranch.

11:23AM Jan 15, 2020

Find Trusted Partners To Help You Succeed With Hemp. Here’s One Way.

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor

Real farmers are sharing how they succeed with this new crop.

10:20AM Jan 15, 2020

Phase 1 China Deal Signed Clearing Way for $80 Billion in Ag Purchases

John Herath
AgWeb Contributor

A phase one trade deal with China is official, clearing the way for America’s chief trade competitor to purchase $80 billion worth of U.S. agricultural goods over the next two

10:12AM Jan 15, 2020

Profit Tracker: Feedyards Gaining Leverage

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Beef packer profit margins fell to their lowest level in nearly two years last week while cattle feeding margins exceeded triple digits for the second consecutive week.

08:36AM Jan 15, 2020

Why Cattle Carcass Data Matters

Grace Vehige
AgWeb Contributor

Whether you are in the commercial, seedstock or feedlot sector of the cattle industry, carcass data collection could benefit your business.

11:52AM Jan 14, 2020

Beef Packers Seek Dismissal Of Antitrust Lawsuit

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Lawyers for America’s largest beef packing companies asked a federal judge on Friday to dismiss the class action suit filed against them by a group of ranchers last year.