09:14AM Jul 29, 2020

Integrity Beef Sustainability Pilot Project Completes Two-Year Study

Drovers news source
AgWeb Contributor

The Integrity Beef Sustainability Pilot Project completed its innovative two-year study to validate, track and trace beef sustainability claims across all segments of the supply chain.

15:02PM Jul 28, 2020

USDA Sec. Perdue Confirms Participation in Farm Journal Field Days

Farm Journal staff
AgWeb Contributor

USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue to speak at Farm Journal Field Days.

14:58PM Jul 28, 2020

Beef Industry Long Range Plan For 2021-2025 Released

AgWeb Contributor

The Beef Industry Long Range Plan task force introduced its new five-year plan for 2021-2025 during the Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting in Denver.

14:22PM Jul 28, 2020

Carbon Goal Will Create Undue Hardships For Farmers, Congressman Says

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor

Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) said he will not support an extreme climate agenda that fails to consider that rural Americans will have to shoulder the burden of it.

13:00PM Jul 28, 2020

McDonald's Sales Decline 30% In Second Quarter

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

McDoanld's reported dismal second quarter sales compared to a year ago, but sees improvement ahead as the fast-food giant "has learned to adjust our operations to this new environment."

09:08AM Jul 28, 2020

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Real Life

Remember, while most of us don’t like conflict, it can be productive, and it doesn’t have to last.

08:29AM Jul 28, 2020

USDA Responds To Petition Calling For Checkoff Vote

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

A petition calling on the Secretary of Agriculture to conduct a referendum on the Beef Checkoff was filed with USDA in early July, and USDA has responded along with a