15:08PM Jun 21, 2016

Market Highlights: Cattle Prices Hitting a Wall

Live cattle prices are hitting the summer wall and hitting it hard.
14:15PM Jun 21, 2016

Cops in Maine Shoot, Euthanize Escaped Slaughterhouse-bound Cow

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AgWeb Contributor
Police in Maine shot and euthanized a slaughterhouse-bound cow that escaped from a trailer and ran into traffic.
22:26PM Jun 20, 2016

Should you Purchase Stockers this Fall?

Where do we go from here? After a rough ride so far this year, one can only imagine what lies ahead for feeder cattle prices the rest of 2016.
15:48PM Jun 20, 2016

Cattle Outlook: Retail Beef Prices Come Down

The average retail price for choice beef in May was $6.081 per pound.
15:31PM Jun 19, 2016

Wheat Harvest Still Calls Out to Converted Cattle Farmer

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AgWeb Contributor
The wheat still calls a Kansas cattleman to harvest.
13:47PM Jun 19, 2016

Horse Slaughter Controversy Still Rages

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AgWeb Contributor
A roadside memorial south of Balmorhea, Texas includes a metal sculpture of a horse in jaunty pose, a rusty cutout of a dozen steeds in full gallop and an old
15:40PM Jun 18, 2016

The Cattle Project Donates Meat to Kokomo Urban Outreach

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AgWeb Contributor
An Indiana Mennonite church provides thousands of meals through meat donation.