14:25PM Dec 24, 2015

Cover Crops Intended for Forage Require Careful Herbicide Use

Many farmers are now becoming more interested in cover crops due to their soil conservation and water quality benefits, and livestock producers may find them attractive as food for grazing
18:28PM Dec 23, 2015

BeefTalk: No Spirit, No Peace

Being a caregiver and providing food to sustain others is part of being a cattle producer.
15:53PM Dec 23, 2015

Winter Grazing On Upland Rangelands

Fall and winter grazing on warm-season grasses is the least detrimental time to graze these species.
14:57PM Dec 23, 2015

Saudi Arabia to Take 20% Stake in Brazil Beef Producer Minerva

Wire Service
Saudi Arabia agreed to take a 20 percent stake in Minerva SA in a transaction that will raise as much as 1.56 billion reais ($390 million) for one of Brazil’s
17:00PM Dec 22, 2015

Profit Tracker: Losses Near $700

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
The crisis continues for America’s cattle feeders.
15:00PM Dec 22, 2015

Market Highlights: COOL Repeal Might Benefit Beef

The one positive note for feedlots and finished cattle was the repeal of mandatory country of origin labeling which is likely the reason live cattle futures were up the limit
12:08PM Dec 22, 2015

Beef Roast For The Holidays

The winter season is a great time to gather friends, family, and food!