tractor tribute
08:28AM May 18, 2020

A Touching Tractor Tribute for Iowa Man Who Lost Battle with Cancer

With COVID-19 restrictions, the community knew a traditional funeral service wasn’t possible for an area farmer who lost his battle with cancer. So, they orchestrated a special tribute with tractors.

14:24PM May 13, 2020

Tell Me No Lies: How to Ground Truth Your Seed Monitor

Should you have healthy doubt about what you’re reading on your seed monitor? How often do you need to double check or recalibrate?

15:07PM May 12, 2020

April truck volumes bottom out but better times ahead

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on freight volumes in April, according to transportation analysis firm DAT.

16:47PM Jan 15, 2015

Russian Meltdown

From loyal viewer Peter Gadwa, a reaction to my comments on the Russian economic crisis: “The sanctions are about as effective as throwing tennis balls at a tank. The drop...