16:33PM Jun 04, 2020

Kinze Offers Two Planter Widths In Its New High-Speed Models

Margy Eckelkamp
Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete

According to Kinze president Susanne Veatch, the testing of the 16-row model was successful enough to move up the introduction a growing season earlier.

12:11PM May 28, 2020

Make Rain Delays Productive Days

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor

Over the past week most of the U.S. experienced some, if not significant, rainfall. For farmers, it could mean planters are parked and all they can do is play the

Seed Placement
14:24PM May 13, 2020

Tell Me No Lies: How to Ground Truth Your Seed Monitor

Should you have healthy doubt about what you’re reading on your seed monitor? How often do you need to double check or recalibrate?

08:00AM Apr 30, 2020

7 Resources to Maintain Hydraulic Hoses

As farmers continue planting day after day to get as much done as possible, it puts more wear and tear on planter parts. Specifically, check planter hydraulic hoses to make

09:27AM Apr 01, 2020

Tips to Prep Your Planter for Go Time

The weather is warming up and fields are drying out. That can only mean one thing -- planters will be rolling soon in the Midwest. Before it’s crunch time, make

16:38PM Mar 27, 2020

Planters Versus Tractors

Modern planters challenge the hydraulic and electric capabilities of tractors

09:26AM Mar 27, 2020

Machinery Journal - March 2020

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Machinery Journal - March 2020