20:12PM Jul 15, 2019

Brake Mistakes I've Made

I've made a lot of mistakes working on the brakes of vehicles. Here are some tips based on mistakes I've made: -It's okay to remove the glaze from brake pads ...
21:36PM Jul 05, 2019

Mysterious Hydraulic Leaks

This spring I ran across a couple situations where customers caused hydraulic leaks on their machines. In both cases, the leaks were at the fittings on the ends of hydraulic ...
21:36PM Jul 03, 2019

Repairs Are In The Eye of the Beholder

DWM commented on a previous post about a temporary repair trick I've used on occasion. He said, in short, that temporary repairs can be permanent repairs--for as long as they ...
21:36PM Jun 30, 2019

A Shameful Field-Fix

Serious mechanics will disdain this field-fix, but it works and can save the day when storm clouds are on the horizon, a bearing has spun on a shaft, and there's ...
15:49PM Jun 03, 2019

The Perks of Propane-Powered Irrigation

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AgWeb Contributor
Across the United States, thousands of farmers are changing how they power their irrigation systems. According to the PROPANE EDUCATION AND RESOURCE COUNCIL (PERC), data shows that from 2008 to ...
14:02PM May 25, 2019

Customers Often Confuse Me

Several years ago I was sent to repair the hydraulic system on a planter owned by a customer I'd never met before, and haven't seen since that day. So I ...
19:56PM May 20, 2019

Buyer Beware: Exposing the Truth Behind THF 303

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AgWeb Contributor
Choosing a tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) can be a complicated choice with potentially serious consequences. It might seem that whatever’s cheapest should be the obvious choice, but the cheapest may ...