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Recent Auction Prices on Combines
13:46PM Sep 17, 2019

Machinery Pete: Condition Conundrum

Machinery Pete
AgWeb Contributor
If condition is good and hours are low, buyers have been willing to pay a premium for combines.
13:40PM Sep 17, 2019

$100 Ideas - October 2019

Farm Journal Editors
AgWeb Contributor
$100 Ideas - October 2019
13:29PM Sep 17, 2019

Dan Anderson: The Latest Trends in Cordless Greasing

What to consider before buying a battery-powered grease gun.
16:47PM Jan 15, 2015

Russian Meltdown

From loyal viewer Peter Gadwa, a reaction to my comments on the Russian economic crisis: “The sanctions are about as effective as throwing tennis balls at a tank. The drop...