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11:37AM Jan 28, 2020

U.S. Corn ‘Only Game in Town’ With Supply Running Out Elsewhere

Wire Service

U.S. corn is not only the cheapest in the world, but also the only supply that’s amply available in the global market.

14:02PM Jan 24, 2020

What If U.S. Farmers Plant 95 Million Acres of Corn in 2020?

As the market starts to transition its focus to 2020 production, U.S. farmers may be poised to plant 95 million acres of corn. What would that mean for the markets

Harvest snow
11:45AM Jan 10, 2020

USDA To Re-Survey Unharvested Corn and Soybean Acres

John Herath
AgWeb Contributor

The Crop Production numbers released Friday may change as NASS seeks to clarify corn and soybean acres that still were not harvested at the time of the end of the

10:58AM Jan 10, 2020

USDA Raises Corn Yield Estimate

AgWeb Contributor

USDA raises corn yield estimate in 2019 crop production summary.

23:00PM Jan 08, 2020

Crumbling Corn Adding to Woes for American Grain Exporters

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After spells of record rain delayed planting and harvesting, at least one international customer is now complaining about the poor quality of U.S. corn.

14:00PM Dec 20, 2019

Could Corn Be a Big Winner in a Phase 1 Deal with China?

Agriculture is still awaiting details of the Phase 1 trade agreement with China, but corn, ethanol, wheat and protein could be in the mix.

10:22AM Dec 18, 2019

2020 Crops Market Outlook Roundup

Jenny Shaffstall
AgWeb Contributor

The editors at are looking at experts’ projections for a variety of commodities in 2020. Here’s a look at what analysts are expecting for the upcoming growing season.