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15:11PM Jul 02, 2020

With Acreage Surprise, What Will it Take to Get to $4 Corn?

USDA released a surprise drop to corn acres in its latest acreage report. Now with all eyes on the weather forecast, what will it take to push corn prices closer

15:07PM Jul 02, 2020

Watch for ‘An Early Low’ With Corn Prices

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AgWeb Contributor

“We know even with continuing rainfall that heat during grain fill and pod set really is an issue and can be a yield robber," says Nellinger.

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14:13PM Jun 30, 2020

With Surprise Acreage Drop, Pendulum for Corn Prices is Swinging

USDA June acreage report showed U.S. farmers planted 92 million acres of corn in 2020, which is 5 million acres less than March. Some analysts say this could be a

11:19AM Jun 30, 2020

Sen. Grassley Backs Plan to Block EPA Nomination Over Biofuel Waivers

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U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley said he supported a plan by one of his Senate colleagues to block the nomination of an EPA official until the agency makes clear how it

08:43AM Jun 29, 2020

More Hogs Eat More Corn — What Does That Mean for USDA Numbers?

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AgWeb Contributor

Traders expect this week will be a big one for the grain and livestock markets, partly due to the USDA reports to be released.  

11:40AM Jun 26, 2020

Is the Chance for a Weather Market Over or Just Getting Started?

Portions of the Corn Belt received rain over the past weeks, with more chances in the forecast. So, is a weather market over this year? U.S. Farm Report analysts Mark

12:50PM Jun 19, 2020

Watching Possible Weather Market, But Analysts Say Sell Old Crop Now

Dry weather looks to be what caused overall crop conditions to take a hit, according to the latest USDA Crop Progress Report, but rain or no rain, analysts say it's