13:27PM Sep 26, 2019

Farmers to Receive Extra Prevent Plant Payment

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor
The USDA announced today producers participating in federal crop insurance who have a payable prevented planting indemnity for 2019 will automatically receive an extra payment
11:08AM Sep 26, 2019

Groups praise U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement

Chris Koger
News Editor, The Packer
As details of the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement became known, agricultural associations and produce industry groups have commented on the deal.
22:33PM Sep 21, 2019

USDA restricts PACA violators in Georgia and Pennsylvania

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has imposed sanctions on two produce businesses.
16:09PM Sep 20, 2019

Washington Conference gives industry platform to politicians

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor
WASHINGTON, D.C. — While the search for definitive solutions goes on, the United Fresh Produce Association’s Washington Conference provided a soapbox for industry leaders to express their passion.
14:25PM Sep 20, 2019

USDA perishable transportation handbook gets update, app

Amy Sowder
AgWeb Contributor
A 1987 handbook published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s division of Agricultural Marketing Service received a 21st-century update thanks to a team led by University of Florida researchers.
10:06AM Sep 20, 2019

U.S. Department of Labor issues final rule to modernize H-2A program

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor
The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a final rule that will allow agricultural employers to advertise for domestic workers online rather than in a newspaper before they turn to
16:00PM Sep 19, 2019

Deadline Extended for Dairy Margin Coverage Program

Brittany Bowman
AgWeb Contributor
Sept. 27 is the new DMC deadline, instead of previous Sept. 20 date.