02:25AM Oct 30, 2013

Sell What You Reap

Ed Clark
Business and Issues Editor

Producers had less than half their normal percentage of corn and soybeans pre-booked moving into harvest, which places a premium on marketing strategies.

02:22AM Oct 30, 2013

The Farm CPA: Customize Your Retirement Plan

Paul Neiffer
The Farm CPA Blogger

Pual Neiffer offers some options for farmers who wish to set aside more for retirement than an IRA or SIMPLE IRA will allow.

01:40AM Oct 30, 2013

Up, Up and Away

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

‘World demand for dairy products is up, and the world is willing to pay for them,’ --Alan Levitt, USDEC

01:14AM Oct 30, 2013

New Report Spotlights Ag Exports

The value of agricultural exports has doubled during the last decade, and growth in developing countries is expected to further increase demand for U.S. agricultural products.

00:49AM Oct 30, 2013

Business Matters: Know Your Costs; Account for Value

One constant for ag business is that there are never two years alike.

11:58AM Oct 28, 2013

China, MENA and SE Asia Drive Strong August Performance for Dairy Exports

MILK Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Exports were equivalent to 17.5% of U.S. milk production in August.

09:12AM Oct 28, 2013

Pro Farmer's Monday Morning Wake Up Call

Pro Farmer Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Harvest pressure remains a weight on the markets.