00:49AM Oct 30, 2013

Business Matters: Know Your Costs; Account for Value

One constant for ag business is that there are never two years alike.

11:58AM Oct 28, 2013

China, MENA and SE Asia Drive Strong August Performance for Dairy Exports

MILK Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Exports were equivalent to 17.5% of U.S. milk production in August.

09:12AM Oct 28, 2013

Pro Farmer's Monday Morning Wake Up Call

Pro Farmer Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Harvest pressure remains a weight on the markets.

08:15AM Oct 28, 2013

Brazil Economists Forecast Steeper Economic Slowdown Next Year

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Brazil economists cut their 2014 economic growth forecast to the lowest all year, as inflation pressured by a weaker real saps purchasing power.

07:41AM Oct 28, 2013

Wheat Drops as Drier Former Soviet Union Boosts Supply Outlook

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Russian output will rise 43% to 54 million tons in 2013-2014, USDA said in September. Ukraine’s harvest may gain 40%.

05:00AM Oct 26, 2013

Trace Mega Corn Crop’s Path in Upcoming USDA Reports

AgWeb Staff
AgWeb Contributor

The blockbuster data release scheduled in early November will offer plenty of post-shutdown clues about harvested acres, exports to China and more, Jerry Gulke says.

02:57AM Oct 26, 2013

Outlook: The Tables Have Turned

Eventually, when supply comes online, prices must fall to where demand is ignited and production is curtailed.