11:39AM Nov 11, 2013

Fonterra Strengthens its Position in Australia

MILK Editors
AgWeb Contributor

New Zealand dairy giant acquires the assets of Tasmanian yogurt business, Tamar Valley Dairy.

05:17AM Nov 11, 2013

2014 Outlook: Will Record-Setting Cattle Prices Continue?

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

All-time cattle price records fell like Congressional approval ratings this fall. Can the trend continue in 2014? You bet, say market analysts.

04:00AM Nov 09, 2013

Corn Glut Keeps Bearish Storm Brewing

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Friday’s reports confirmed the U.S. corn and soybean crops are huge. Jerry Gulke discusses the reports and provides his take on what that means for prices long-term.

00:58AM Nov 09, 2013

Machinery Pete: Tractors Tear Up Records

Greg Peterson
Machinery Pete

On Dec. 7, 2007, a 1995 Case IH 7220 with 1,830 hours started a trend that’s still hot today.

00:53AM Nov 09, 2013

Outlook: What Could Be Next?

It has been a long way down from the August 2012 corn and soybean highs.

00:15AM Nov 09, 2013

Baled to Ship: Business is Booming for Hay Exporters

Catherine Merlo
Western and Online Editor

A booming overseas market for alfalfa is a key driver not only for baler manufacturers but also hay exporters.

00:15AM Nov 09, 2013

Ag Versus Big Oil

Ed Clark
Business and Issues Editor

The vibrant ethanol industry has survived four major political attacks by the oil industry and other groups in recent history, but this year’s broadside is the fiercest attack to date.