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  • 1/23/2019 Floyd County, IA: Thumbs up to Pembina guy. I am perplexed about the strong dollar as we are told it is supposed to buy so much. The dollar does buy a lot of ag commodities and precious metals but not land or INPUTS?

  • 1/18/2019 Pembina County, ND: Bottom line--Inputs are killing all of us.

  • 1/18/2019 Seneca County, OH: Dickey Co. ND, I could not agree more with what you said. I have been saying the same thing for years. Your year sounds exactly like how our year went too. 2nd worst fall (worst was 1972) I ever experienced and 2017 was 3rd worst. There are still unharvested crops in our area. I am also hearing that eastern Ohio has a lot of acres of soybeans still in the field. I also agree that no USDA reports has been a good thing. They only benefit 1 group of people and they certainly are not farmers.

  • 1/18/2019 Haakon County, SD: 1/18/19. Still harvesting Flowers. 50ac to go. Light,wet. Decent yield by volume but test wt sux. May not b marketable. But they will make feed. 4”snow and cold.

  • 1/17/2019 Coles County, IL: i drove around and was surprised to see some large fields of corn and soybeans unharvested and mostly flat in coles, douglas & edgar counties.

  • 1/16/2019 Floyd County, IA: Our corn and alfalfa pretty much sucked in 18 because of the monsoon season. March thru December. I was sent a 2018 weather radar loop link that explains our 65 inches last year, I hope it works for you.

  • 1/16/2019 Geauga County, OH: Portage county Ohio, Rent in our area ranges from $20 to $70 per acre. Depends on a lot of factors.

  • 1/15/2019 Hutchinson County, SD: Explain to me how you use bin run dicamba tolerant soybeans in Benton county, MN. I don't think it is legal in South Dakota.

  • 1/15/2019 Dickey County, ND: What we really need to do is grow 25% less of everything. Instead we grow more of everything and expect a different result. Isn’t that Einstein’s definition of insanity! Either way 2018 was not a great year for our farm. Too many repairs. Margins are tight. The $1.65 bean payment helped some but just not enough. 2019 looks to be a challenge at best. ? New Year.

  • 1/15/2019 Portage County, OH: local farmers want to lease 100 acres for soybean farming. What would be a fair price per acre to lease?

  • 1/14/2019 Bartholomew County, IN: How is this shutdown affecting others? I have CCC loans I cant pay off, and cant get lien released to pay operating loans.

  • 1/14/2019 Benton County, MN: Excellent yields for 5th year in a row. Only pay $50/acre rent so I'm still making good money because there is so much chicken manure around I can get it for little or nothing. Plant some bin run seed too since I have a grain cleaner and I can treat my own seed. thank God for dicamba tolerant soybeans to kill waterhemp.

  • 1/14/2019 Jones County, IA: took seven weeks to do 3 days worth of silage, more mud than ever before, finished harvest at new years, losing money on every bushel harvested and even more on the corn run through our milk cows. been here all my life, now I get to look for a new career.

  • 1/10/2019 Effingham County, IL: Record crops in 2018 for both corn & soybeans. (Wheat was a little below average due to dry May.) We got done in mid October. Sitting by the fire trying to market stored (& future) grain the best that I can.

  • 1/9/2019 Floyd County, IA: In my area the most of the expected fall tillage just didn't get done. Weather-related for the most part. However I wonder how many farmers at harvest time were not sure on their future in farming. I have noticed so many articles in farm magazines are really concerned about how to lure good employees and keep them. Or how a small farm bloomed to a zillion acres. In my circle of friends, we are more concerned about cost cutting measures in order to survive.

  • 1/8/2019 Daviess County, MO: No gov reports and grain prices go up. What. The heck

  • 1/7/2019 Washington County, WI: Still trying to harvest 65 acres of corn, 30 of which is lodges and snow covered. the rest is standing yields are only about 130 so nothing to write home about hoping to get the rest soon but just got another inch of rain snow in mostly gone but suppose to get cold and snow again in the next few days no down time but cant finish either mud, rain + snow one nightmare after another.

  • 1/7/2019 Hancock County, IA: 2018 was the end to our 140 year family farm. Farm is tiled every forty feet with 3 10 " mains with 21' of fall to river. 87 CSR2. 69 bus/acre beans 185 bus/corn. 48" of rain vs 32 normal. Off farm job $1000/ week. Corn/beans sold in top 30% of market. Can't pay insurance , health care, electric, fuel bill, farm payment [had to pay other siblings fair value] taxes to IRS. I feel farmers either NEED to get together or sell out before it is to late!

  • 1/5/2019 Carroll County, IL: 2018 was the year of the storms. Major storms; 2 in June/corn down, 18 day drought from July20-August8: September2/Flooding: Sept. 25/Corn very flat, town closed off, 30 hrs without electricity: Oct. 6/"Last Straw" storm, Neighbor attempted to use bean head to harvest corn : Mud Mud Mud til Nov.25 Blizzard/ Roads snowed shut. Could not apply $445 secured NH3 so we had to repurchase it for spring at $610. Inputs purchased for 2019 to try again. Amazing finish and many thanks. Hope it's not us next year. My sympathy & prayers for who ever it might be next year. Signed : Got to Love it Farmer

  • 1/3/2019 Ripley County, IN: 1-03-2019 There are soybeans and some corn in the fields in southeastern Indiana not harvested. We harvested a lot of 17-20% moisture beans this year (keep the dryer busy). Yeilds were excellent, Need colder weather without snow to finish harvest.

  • 1/2/2019 Rock County, MN: Custom Fed Livestock, Huge Negative Basis, China owned Packing Pant. High Grocery Store Prices, Bankrupt Famers and Depressed Economy...go figure, Government promoted? Whats a kick back? Record High Production Costs... Makes Grain Farming Not Worth the Risk for me. Maybe switch to Hay Production?

  • 1/2/2019 Floyd County, IA: Glad 18 is past. Worst corn since 82. Banker wants me to quit.

  • 1/1/2019 Irwin County, GA: To Ellis co tx same here in Irwin Co ga had two bale cotton before hurricane and monsoons still got 650 acres to pick lucky now to make 600 lbs plus we have to pay 600.00 dollars plus per bag for seed . Will not stay in the cotton busines like this??????

  • 12/31/2018 Kossuth County, IA: Remember the longer it takes to harvest, plus more corn we use each day= less corn piles FYI. Corn yields in north central Iowa we’re down 25 to 30% because of late planning & excessive water all growing season

  • 12/27/2018 Mcintosh County, ND: Finished sunflowers on Dec. 19, moisture was 13.5. On Nov 1 moisture was 14 didn't change much in 7 weeks. Harvest is over because we received 8 inches of snow and 35mph winds. What is left will be harvested next spring. Happy Holidays to all.

  • 12/27/2018 Ellis County, TX: 2018 has been a rough year for everyone in central Texas. Making half of a crop due to drought during the growing season has been followed by a flood at harvest. We started harvesting cotton in August and are still trying to finish. With yesterday's 4 to 5 inches of rain, we will still be trying to complete our harvest in January. The rain started on August 9th when we had one day left of corn harvest and with yesterday's rain we have gotten 45+ inches since then. Hoping 2019 will be better for everyone.

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