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  • 9/21/2018 Benton County, MO: A pic I took here in mid-Missouri. I call it a boy and his grandpa.

  • 9/21/2018 Logan County, OH: Starting in on corn as soybean are still green. Running 177 per acre at 20% so not bad for this time of the year.

  • 9/21/2018 Rock County, MN: Another 7 inches of rain this week, the crops are saved!

  • 9/21/2018 Kossuth County, IA: Just had in the range of nine to eleven inches of rain all across a wide area with winds up to 75 mph in places. Trees down in spots and lots of corn down in the mud. Miserable. At least Trump's tariffs have saved us from low prices...... no, wait.........

  • 9/20/2018 Minnehaha County, SD: $2.75 corn, $6.75 beans and now 5 inches of rain right before harvest, remind me again why do we do this?

  • 9/20/2018 Nobles County, MN: Just when you think the weather can't punish you anymore, it happens! Another 5-7 inches of rain in our area of SWMinnesota today. Just when we were starting tho think about harvest. This goes along with what has been an absolute disaster cropping year. From April 14th blizzards with a foot of snow to May-July getting about 400% of normal precip to now getting another flood. Hard to imagine 2019 being any worse and most of us can't wait to get there. Enough is enough!

  • 9/19/2018 Nemaha County, KS: Worst corn crop ever!!!!! Some farmers are not even harvesting; instead just leaving the corn in the field and turning cows out into it. Some are baling the corn for livestock roughage. Most acres were chopped weeks ago and cover crops already six inches tall.

  • 9/19/2018 Richland County, LA: Through with corn August 24 th 200 plus yield across the board Finish soybeans September 16 averaged bout 60 bushels Picking cotton now done 1200 acres out of 2750 good yields so far May the weather cooperate for rest of season.

  • 9/18/2018 Emmet County, IA: Crop poor and flooded all year. Looks like it’s time for all farmers to disk one end of end rows down to limit supply. Unless all you want to go broke if we all give up 5% we make a lot more on the 95%. It’s time for a change! We all need to work together or we will all fail together.

  • 9/17/2018 Mclean County, IL: Harvest in Illinois underway

  • 9/17/2018 Jackson County, IA: The weather in extreme East Central Iowa has been fantastic for the last eight or nine days. Officially, I would say it was probably the biggest week of haymaking in a long time. Fields have dried up nicely since the previous weeks 5 to 8 inches of rain. Corn Choppers are running hard. There is some limited Harvest activity just to the south of us here. Would expect to see some Harvest activity up here after this next rain event.

  • 9/17/2018 Jackson County, IA: There is some limited Harvest activity just to the south of us here. Would expect to see some Harvest activity up here after this next rain event.

  • 9/17/2018 Story County, IA: 21 inches of rain from June 14-July 5 makes corn on our level ground yield in the 160's. Hilltops & high spots are 230. Not since the 2012- drought have we had corn this dry (1820%), this early. This year yields are 100 b.p.a. better.

  • 9/14/2018 Rock County, MN: looks like 20 bushel beans at my farm from too much rain all summer, at $7.43 a bushel may have to shoot a deer to eat. cant pay any rent either. water in low ground, tough to cut hay. lots of weeds everywhere.

  • 9/14/2018 Mclennan County, TX: Saturday the 15th will be my parents 45th Anniversary. Normally we are harvesting cotton on this date but this year with the drought we finished on the first which is two weeks early. This is also the last season my parents are farming and are retired now. I know they will still be around and help me and I hope I can make them proud at taking over the farm. I wanted to most of all wish them happy Anniversary and for them to enjoy a little deserved time off after over 41 years of farming.

  • 9/13/2018 Glacier County, MT: We are about in the middle of harvest right now, and everything is ab out average. The area used to be a fallow rotation, but has turned into continuous crop, and this year wasn't the year for it. Now we have no subsoil moisture for next year and we are not a high moisture area. I hope USDA continues to do their job and discourage winter wheat planting to even fewer acres next year, at some point we may return to profitability. Keep up with the inputs guys as we need more and more crop lowering the prices and keeping us where we belong.

  • 9/13/2018 Dawson County, NE: First beans cut yesterday , 13% moisture and going well over 80 bu. A 2.4 series bean. Still finding corn with only half starch line on kernals. Some 103 day corn going for high moisture , yields look to be good. A lot of stalk quality issues showing up , don't need any big winds in the next six weeks

  • 9/13/2018 Jackson County, IA: Area received 5 to 8" of rain this past week in extreme east central Iowa. Choppers will fire up as soon as it gets fit. A lot of hay needs to get made also. Some corn is blacklayered. Some beans are also starting to turn. Just to the south they will be harvesting next week because of less moisture this summer.

  • 9/13/2018 Adams County, WI: Watched the local news out of Wisconsin, we had record flooding this year in Wisconsin. No record crop here!

  • 9/13/2018 Platte County, NE: Crops here look good except for the Green Snap fields, some up to 90%. Beans have shown lot of SDS in certain fields also. Had some rain end of Aug. should help push yield on Beans. Now if we can get price to turn around. This Tariff situation is something that the Government should have done years ago, might hurt some now but in the long run should strengthen our economy, don’t think for a minute that its not hurting China right now. It’s just time someone had the Balls to call there bluff as well as all the other the other countries.

  • 9/13/2018 Jackson County, IA: Here in extreme East Central Iowa trying to play catch-up. Hope the weather continues to cooperate.

  • 9/13/2018 Henry County, OH: If the corn silage is a indicator. Going to see a lot of 200 bushel plus corn yields.

  • 9/13/2018 Putnam County, IN: Spent the day doing yield checks on 2nd crop beans after wheat. After getting 10 inches in august out of 7 different rains and getting another 3.5 last Thursday thru Sunday, these will be the best double crop beans our county has ever seen. 30 to 40 pods per plant and a 2.9 beans per pod average on over 200 sampled plants. This would have been the perfect year to have been 100% wheat. Lots of 4th cut hay will be baled this week with low tonnage and excellent quality.. Hay will be high this winter in our area. Seeing a few stalk problems in corn that was planted at very high populations. Only a few harvesting corn and its 30% plus moisture, LP must be cheap this year.

  • 9/12/2018 Nobles County, MN: Corn starting to talk a beating in the winds the last few days. Stalk issues are coming to roost! Can anyone tell me how accurate the USDA is with their Sept estimate on corn and bean yield in comparison to actual? Do we ever find out? Just wondering.

  • 9/11/2018 Jackson County, IA: East Central Iowa

  • 9/10/2018 Delaware County, IA: A much needed respite from rain here, I think anyone that had hay to make has it cut now. Some corn stalk quality issues are coming to light, along with sprouting butt kernals due our abundant rainfall in August. If the President has free reign with the Commodity Credit Corporation, why not raise the loan price on corn to $4.00 and $10.00 on soybeans? It would give everyone nine months of breathing room from creditors and time for trade negotiations to progress.

  • 9/8/2018 Putnam County, IN: It's been raining for the last 16 hours, our double crop beans look like 1st crop beans after getting 9 to 10 inches in the month of august between 7 different rains. There will be 60 bpa double crop beans this year in my area. If you sold beans back in march for $10 and up you now get another 82.5 cents to 1.65 and will have huge profits. This game called farming is no longer about how good of a crop you can raise or how much rain you do or don't get, it's all about marketing. Basis is high making grain bins worth a fortune this year. A few beans were cut this week, mostly early group 2's yielding in the low 60's. When that happens around here it usually means the mid group 3's come in around 75 bpa. Most 4th cut hay has been baled with exceptional quality. A few guys are planning on getting a 5th cut as soon as it dries out. Harvest should be in full swing in about 14 days. Several farmers have yield checked some corn in the last few days with numbers so high they are actually doubting the formula !

  • 9/7/2018 Buffalo County, NE: I know that one shouldn't look a "gift horse in the mouth" but basing the soybean payment on this year's production instead of MPCI information sucks. Why penalize those producers who's yields were cut by weather-be it drought or hail? Those producers are getting a double knock on their income-low prices and low yields.

  • 9/6/2018 Dixon County, NE: What about soybeans sold after tariffs started. Why don't they get a government payment? Need sunshine in northeast NE.

  • 9/6/2018 Sauk County, WI: where we are we were lucky probably about 10 inches of rain in the last 7 days other areas 15- 20 plus inches last week flash flooding roads closed water went down then it started all over again on Sunday Many roads , bridges, houses damaged entire towns shut down a real mess here .

  • 9/5/2018 Crawford County, PA: A great year for growing in northwest Pennsylvania. Corn, soybeans, and hay are approaching record yield potential. Corn silage harvesting will start very soon. Soybean leaves are starting to change color and drop.

  • 9/5/2018 Lancaster County, NE: Lancaster co. NE - Enough already - 10" plus in the last week. Looks like we may have problems with wet crops and muddy fields, not to mention $3 corn and $7 beans. I have been over eastern & central Nebraska in the last week and crops look good except for a very few droughty spots and the inevitable hail streaks. It looks like the tariffs are hurting prices, but they assure us that things will be better in the long run, except for those of us that are bankrupt by then. Maybe insurance and the payments will save us, but those payments do not sound very substantial.

  • 9/4/2018 Oneida County, NY: Corn and beans are outstanding. Dry hay production came to a screeching halt at the beginning of August. Rain and hot humid weather continues to drag on with only a couple of Windows that allows for dry hay. Most are struggling through 2nd cutting and are running out of time.

  • 9/4/2018 Klickitat County, WA: Crops this year (wheat and hay) were average in Eastern Klickitat Co. We had just enough moisture to finish for the most part. We haven't seen rain in months now and the weather man says it's not coming. Seems to be the normal forecast for the PNW anymore, I'm suspicious they just copy and paste from previous years.

  • 9/4/2018 Pembina County, ND: soybean harvest started hearing 25-20 bu checked some 73 day corn 21 moisture 49.2 tw ouch

  • 9/3/2018 Sampson County, NC: Its been a long three weeks but finished corn harvest on the 31st of august. The unloading line at the feedmill has been almost nonexistent, in an out in 10 minutes if you timed it just right. The crop has been exactly like I estimated. 200 bu fields within quarter mile from 50 bushel fields, then everything in between. Test weight has been amazing, 60 to 62 lbs. whether 50 ,100,150 or 200bu.All is dryland. Had a variety comparison on one field that had an excellent yield. Dekalb 67-44 won it with a 257bu check the next closest one was 229 bu.I know what my main hybrid will be next year, 28 bu is a lot of money left in the field,test wt was high 61s to 62. they were all 116 117 day hybrids planted at 26,500 pop. Moisture was slow to go down at first then fell off a cliff with most corn picked in low 14s. Got some much needed rain Saturday night for the beans , could be a very good crop there but most are still filling pods. Was amazed looking at the harvest maps an seeing harvested soybeans in N Dakota and harvested corn in Indiana, Wisconsin, and N. Dakota, I guess the pro crop tour missed seeing those ready to harvest areas, go figure. Enjoying a long rest at the coast an then back to getting corn fields cut up for wheat planting in late Oct. to early nov.

  • 9/3/2018 Polk County, IA: 10 inches of rain over the last 5 days and more rain in the forecast for the next 4 days. Enough said!

  • 9/1/2018 Lucas County, IA: The last week of August brought rain. 1 inch on one day, then two inches, then another inch. Add 50 and 60 mile per hour winds and the neighbors 400 acres of corn looked like a roller had worked the field. Flat, flat and more flat. Rooftops blown away and trees toppled. The first day of Sept brought more rain, an inch so far this morning and up to 4 inches total with flash flood warnings. To top it off, more high winds and hail as well. And guess what - rain forecast for the next 7 days!

  • 8/31/2018 Gage County, NE: rains have been spotty all summer. corn looks to be in the range of 110-140 bu/ac. soybeans did not get the rain when needed. looks like 25-35bu/ac. plus, the only elevator that has control of se Nebraska has a $1.21 basis!!! Another loosing year. Thanks coop!

  • 8/30/2018 Stearns County, MN: Bumper Crops out there but it is getting wet. Would be nice if the rain stopped for the year.

  • 8/30/2018 Gage County, NE: Here along the Ks. border our corn looks a little above average and beans about average. Beans look good but don't seem to have that many pods with many 1 and 2 bean pods. Things look a lot worse in Ks. but better north, due to rains.

  • 8/30/2018 Day County, SD: NE SD. Rain in August came to late for some field and others just in time. Yield looks like a mix bag. 8-30-18 local cash SB price 6.98. 1.20 bases. Lots of talk that local elevators short room for harvest, might only except contracted SB.

  • 8/28/2018 Craighead County, AR: Crops look very good here. Corn harvest has begun and early yields look very good. Rice harvest just starting with soybeans and cotton to follow.

  • 8/27/2018 Sauk County, WI: One word WET! Same thing this year as the last three RAIN . We can't put together a week of sunshine for anything. Impossible to make dry hay. On the plus side the crops do look good. If we have a normal frost date should be a good crop hopefully no quality issues from all the rain and humid conditions. Everyone be safe this harvest season

  • 8/27/2018 Caldwell County, MO: Soybeans had 20 pods with several 2 beans in them, doesn’t take much for the pods to fall off, we are getting some rain help get a little pasture , water is a main concern for most, just have to do our best, no purchases for us this fall.

  • 8/27/2018 Sangamon County, IL: We have had plenty of rain the last few weeks, Early planted beans are looking to be at least 10 days out on harvest. Corn is still at 2 weeks out for some early planted. The crops are looking above Average around here. Everyone have a safe and bountiful harvest.

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