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  • 6/21/2018 Clark County, MO: Finally getting some much needed rain here! Once it starts, it really gets going. It's amazing how much the corn and beans have perked up with just a couple inches. It's been so dry the ground soaked it right up, leaving hardly a single puddle behind. Raining again as I type this--Thank you, Lord!

  • 6/21/2018 Bent County, CO: SE Colorado is extremely dry Most livestock range is still brown Free gov $$ feed programs in effect With no rain some excellent irrigated alfalfa being baled Going for $150 T and up Wheat harvest getting underway Yields disappointing Irrigation prospects for rest of season are grim

  • 6/20/2018 Mcpherson County, KS: just finished wheat harvest got less than half a crop because of freeze damage and lack of rain. Had less than 3 inches of rain since I planted in Oct. Most of the dryland corn burned up the last 2 weeks so no corn harvest We had a inch of rain last night the first in three weeks will need a lot more to make a crop

  • 6/20/2018 Sibley County, MN: 10 inches of rain in 7 days, lakes all over and everyday I get to watch more corn tip over due to the standing water. Losing corn AND bean acreage everyday, corn acres lost of 12% beans better at loss of 4%. That's what u see...... more corn will continue to tip over later on as the roots will be gone due to rotting away.

  • 6/20/2018 Clark County, MO: Ridiculously dry as dust here in Northeast Missouri. Corn is getting drier and drier - just look at those folded leaves! Beans are having to be replanted; the seeds swelled up at first planting, then rotted away. Won't be much point in the second planting if we don't get any rain. Farmers about ready to just give up in our area. Ponds drying up, and pastures looking pretty slim on grass needs for cattle. Hay production will be over soon with no grass to cut. But, God knows--Pray for rain!!

  • 6/20/2018 Sauk County, WI: Sauk County Wi. Crops look good despite the wet cold spring. Was extremely hot last weekend but rain Tuesday and today have broken that. We have received plenty of rain but others around us have had more and heavy rain Only problem is trying to make dry hay could use a week of sunshie

  • 6/20/2018 Randolph County, IL: Very very dry here, corn is rolled up tight some scattered showers have brought some relief in areas but most remain dry. Wheat harvest is rapping up and most double crop beans are in the ground waiting on moisture to come up. Hope for rain ASAP!!

  • 6/20/2018 Lancaster County, NE: Finally received some much needed rain. +3" in last 48 hr. Very little ran off which usually doesn't happen with our tight clay. Corn was really showing stress. To many days in the 90's & 100's. Both Spring and Fall applied anhydrous burning showed up this year. Very rare to see but with much below precip since last Oct conditions made it happen. Corn/Beans planted before May 10 look good. Really variable after that.

  • 6/20/2018 Mitchell County, IA: Too wet around here for anything. The windmill construction crews from Texas are learning more than they'd like about Iowa dirt.

  • 6/20/2018 Nicollet County, MN: 6/20/18 Nicollet County,Mn:We have had good growing conditions so far but are at our tipping point for too much rain. Many acres of extend beans did not get sprayed before the June 20 cutoff date in Mn. South of here about 15 miles there is water everywhere stretching to the Iowa border.

  • 6/20/2018 Floyd County, IA: Now we have the John Deere colored corn fields in our area. Yellow and green. I would say most small to mid size farmers plan on side dressing nitrogen around here. This year it will be a challenge. Way to wet to get over fields now. No relief in sight. Raining now.

  • 6/19/2018 Swift County, MN: wet here ,lots of yellow corn, not 93% good to excellent! on a different topic, i am puzzled as to why we haven't heard any yield results out of the HRW area?

  • 6/19/2018 Stearns County, MN: Just got done spraying xtend soybeans for the first time. Wow, there is awesome effectiveness at the 22 oz rate. All broadleaves including waterhemp, fried to the ground. Accidently got too close to the garden, and didn't seem to affect the strawberries, beans, or tomatoes at all so the vapor grip technology seems to work.

  • 6/19/2018 Goodhue County, MN: Rain, rain, and more rain. to wet to spray beans. lots of hay on the ground or not cut yet. Tile running more water than last spring. Southeast Goodhue County MN

  • 6/18/2018 Henry County, OH: It’s all about location. Three inches of rain during past week just after finishing planting was really not needed.

  • 6/18/2018 Douglas County, SD: very late planting here. most corn planted not before 20th of may, about 3 weeks behind. Most soy just so you can row them from the road. has been wet with frequent showers. Haying has been difficult at best. Most years we would be praying for rain by now, still have a chance at good yields if we could catch some nice dry weather for 2 weeks.

  • 6/18/2018 Carroll County, MO: Crop Progress: Corn, Soybean Crops Continue To Thrive. Not here in west central Missouri. We are bone dry. Most of the corn crop is rolling up tight and turning white. Soybeans are hanging on but not growing. Lots of guys have quit spraying beans or have just given up unless it rains very soon. Grass Hay is only producing 30% of last year and selling for $80 bale right out of field. Have heard of guys selling cattle because they are out of water and don't want to pay high price for hay. Then on top of all of that, the grain market has collapsed. Any other good news?? Good luck to all!!!

  • 6/17/2018 Floyd County, IA: Bone dry with drought on my mind until evening of June seventh. Since then seven to twelve inches in our area, depending where you are. Going to try spraying beans today, after church. I will pray for family, friends, and just to make ends meet. The making ends meet part hasn't worked out the last couple years for me, (poor marketing). Good thing my sprayer pulling tractor has mfwd. Some crops look good and others just look poor, with just a small percentage looking excellent.

  • 6/17/2018 Coles County, IL: East central I’ll. We had around 9 inches in 24 hours last weekend and now still have standing water and cooking temperatures. Will have to replant some large areas of my soybean fields and give up on many acres of dead corn. Now I have some sort of blight hit all over my soybean fields making them wither and die. All while watching crop prices tank.

  • 6/17/2018 Jasper County, IN: The corn and beans in north west indiana are looking very good but I have been around along time , in 1988, the crops where looking just as good as they do now but all of a sudden in the 3rd week of June it was a 105 degrees and no rain, it didn't rain much after that, my corn made 35 bu to the acre and the beans made 19 bu. So, my point is as anyone in farming knows, it's not in the bin yet, save your money in the good times so you get through the bad ones, they will return

  • 6/17/2018 Martin County, MN: The crops in martin county vary a lot. The north half corn 2 foot tall to 1 foot south most 1 foot. all low areas corn is yellow and stunted we have had too much rain. The USDA has Minnesota corn rated 93 good to ext. no way closer to 70 . This is in a county where corn yield is 1st or second in Minnesota every year. No record here closer to 10 year average. the beans to uneven stand some spots only 5 beans to the foot and 3 inches tall to make a big yield last year 55 to 65 bu . this year 45 to 50 crop rating 65 good to ext. not 90 too much rain.

  • 6/16/2018 Sangamon County, IL: We had 7.25 inches of rain in 72 hours some flooding and hail damage. We were really needing rain just not quite so much all at once. Crops are looking much better after rain except where we now have some ponds to contend with. We had wind damage on about 700 hundred acres of corn that was flat on the ground. But we where blessed to get the rain.

  • 6/15/2018 Jackson County, IA: Here in extreme East Central Iowa things are looking pretty good. First crop hay is in full swing. Yield should be good, not sure how the quality is going to be as far as dairy type hay. Second pass corn application is in full swing also. We are sitting okay for moisture but will not turn down a rain.

  • 6/15/2018 Jackson County, IA: Here in extreme East Central Iowa things are looking pretty good. We are sitting okay for moisture but will not turn down a rain.

  • 6/13/2018 Montgomery County, MO: ECMO/WCIL: Take a look at US rainfall map totals. Mississippi valley hasn't gotten the rains. Corn starts rolling at 8:00AM and unrolls at 9:00 PM everyday now for 2 weeks. Calling for 98* this weekend with south winds. Please share the rain.

  • 6/12/2018 Hendricks County, IN: Well the showers didn't miss us this time. We had 2.5 inches over a 36 hour period. It has all soaked in. Crops are already looking better. Yards are starting to green up again. Praise the Lord for His goodness. Saw a couple of tassels in the sweet corn that was planted April 23rd. On June 3rd my brother saw that some of our 2.9 maturity beans were starting to bloom. Earliest I can remember. Still have 280 acres of soybeans to post spray. It has been a great spring to get field work done.

  • 6/12/2018 Paulding County, OH: Got chased out by Mother Nature trying to side dress corn. Got hammered with 2” of rain. A lot of wheat is down in the county. We can’t have any more of those punishing rains. Corn condition is fair. Soybeans are drowning as of now. Give us a breeze and some sun please!

  • 6/12/2018 De Kalb County, IN: worst start ever, lots of fields not planted yet, corn is horrible , wet spots, yellow , most corn planted late, can't get the nitrogen on, some good looking beans, most not even up yet, lots to be planted yet, may not make the crop insurance deadline , guess its not the best start ever in crop conditions as USDA thinks, if you get out in the real world

  • 6/12/2018 Richland County, IL: Shelled out some heads of wheat, all grains were small. Not going to be good yield. Last yr. 70 & 80's. Heard of one field cut 55 bu. 3.2" last nite. Right now doesn't look like a good harvest and double crop planting.

  • 6/12/2018 Rice County, MN: Rice county MN my corn is booming! Already knee high on June 12. Weed control Halex/atrazine/ Stinger working perfect. Beans are taking off too.

  • 6/11/2018 Seneca County, OH: This has been another horrible spring. All it does is rain. Just as it dries out enough to get in the field, we get clobbered again. There are still lots of fields still unplanted. This weekend rains have flooded some fields that are planted. I keep hearing the experts say that the 2018 crops get off to one of the best starts ever. Not so in this part of Ohio.

  • 6/11/2018 Branch County, MI: What a challenge this spring has been for planting and spraying. We have only had 6 days in a row that it did not rain starting from the end of April. With 10.3" of rain in May to 4.6" of rain in June. We were just getting ready to replant the drowned out areas of corn when we received 3.25" in three hours. To late for replanting corn now and the soybeans that we just planted in the low areas that had just dried out are not going to make it either. Switching to side dressing the corn now, when it dries out, as it is already pushing the 20" mark for height.

  • 6/11/2018 Caldwell County, MO: Pretty much done beans turning yellow, rain goes around us, corn rolls every day.

  • 6/11/2018 Story County, IA: In my 33 years farming I've had a few crops this good, but none better. Just enough rain to keep it going. 6/10ths & 5 days later 3/10ths. Adequate soil moisture now, but timely rains will be needed from here on.

  • 6/11/2018 Juniata County, PA: Finally getting some decent weather in central PA. Went from hot humid and rainy last week and a half to mid 70s and sunshine for at the next 10 days. Corn and bean planting going full bore. Up until now there hasn't been much happening.

  • 6/10/2018 Putnam County, IN: Off to another great start here in west central Indiana. picked up 3.3 inches of rain today. part of the crop has now had over 7 inches of rain since may 2nd and the rest has had a little over 5 inches. corn should be shoulder high in about 10 days. wheat should be ready to cut in about 14 to 16 days with plenty of moisture in the ground to get the double crop beans started. 1st cutting of hay is now done, not great tonnage but the quality is as good as last years 3rd cutting !

  • 6/10/2018 Kossuth County, IA: No this is not a scene out of the movie Fargo. This picture is taken south of Algona the night of April 18th.This snow event and the 4 or 5 that proceeded it in March and early April set the tone for our planting season. Coupled with weekly untimely rains farmers struggled to get corn and soybeans planted. Today some farmers are planting corn and soybeans for the first time as well as replanting both.The common theme amongst most farmers is they've never violated so many acres to get them dried out to plant.

  • 6/9/2018 Darke County, OH: After it decided to quit snowing in mid April this turned out to be one the best starts ever for west central Ohio and eastern Indiana. Most of the fields have near perfect stands and we continue to get small shots of rain and the short term forecast looks promising. Even the corn planted after winter forage harvested for silage has emerged. Now we just hope the rain doesn't shut off.

  • 6/9/2018 Hendricks County, IN: Great start this spring. Corn and soybeans all planted by May 9th. Emergence was very good due to adequate moisture and warm temperatures. But May set a record for the hottest May on record. 9.9 degrees above average. Spotty showers in our area (most of which we have missed). Crops look great until 10:00 am. Then corn and beans suffering in 90 degree plus heat. Always something to grip about but honestly feel blessed. Another system a couple hours west of us. Hope it doesn't miss us like the last few have done.

  • 6/9/2018 Talbot County, MD: Worst run of wet weather here since 2003 30% of corn looks good balance is either stunted or thin plant stands still have corn to replant too wet planter looks like you drug it through the marsh , some early beans planted a lot have to be replanted , barley is starting to be harvested mixed yields but off , on to the bad part wheat crop should be the worst I’ve ever harvested scab and disease are everywhere in it test weights will be off we will be lucky if they buy it , I’ve been farming for 20 years and haven’t seen anything this bad it’s a suckfest

  • 6/8/2018 Lorain County, OH: Another wet spring with a late start planting. We would start to dry out and BAM! More rain. Started working ground a week and a half ago and should finish today but others are not so lucky and are planting corn still. Stay safe and remember like the Browns— there’s always next year.

  • 6/8/2018 Fayette County, IL: Drought in central Illinois, need rain bad. Two-tenths doesn't last long in 2 months, in 90 degree heat. Corn roll everyday, pasture in decline, creeks drying up and its only June. Good start this year?

  • 6/8/2018 Dallas County, IA: Tremendous hail damage yesterday in a 5X10 mile area and more bad weather expected. Crops very varied, corn anywhere from 2" tall to almost knee high. Beans anywhere from breaking ground to 4" tall. Lots of drowned out spots, virtually in every field with good ground.

  • 6/7/2018 Orleans County, NY: Started planting oats 04/30/18, corn started 05/05/18, beans 05/15/18 finished all planting 05/30/18. Timely rains and moderate heat so everything looks excellent. On June 7 knee high corn!

  • 6/5/2018 Floyd County, IA: All the wet heavy snow late March and April with no freeze / thaw action after seemed to have screwed up the seedbed. This year I had no choice, I had to open the ground up to get it to dry. This meant two passes. Extra wear and fuel costs. The corn came up in record time planting during ninety degree plus weather. Excellent stand and even. The first half of the beans came up fast too, but the later planted around memorial day have some beans still laying in too dry of soil to start. Cut some hay and the ground is really hard. But the gopher mounds don't bother much when dry. One shower here in last three weeks plus.

  • 6/4/2018 Henry County, OH: Still trying to finish planting corn and beans in another frustrating spring. Scattered thunderstorms keep falling in the same areas. Few miles down the road no rain.

  • 6/4/2018 Richland County, ND: Got the crop in the ground very spotty coming up very little to no rain it is drier than a popcorn fart. Surprising the dust is not blowing sounds like mother nature might give us a little rain but then it comes in the form of ice, which should remain in the whiskey glass not on the ground.

  • 6/4/2018 Pembina County, ND: Ok, markets take another huge plunge downward because government said that there is enough wheat worldwide, gov reports rain in some spots totally erased drought, and then they pissed off China on the tariffs. And then you head to the FSA to certify and give them SS#s, forms to fill out income levels, number of acres to the hundreth, prevent planting acres, types of wheat seeded, exact planting dates, idle acres, designate wet land areas, wonder they know what, where, how, and when! Farmers think about it.... do we have anyone or anything working in our favor?

  • 6/3/2018 Sampson County, NC: Here we are knee deep into 2018 in Northern Sampson Co. Wheat harvest has made a slow start but will explode this week. Looks to be above average , but the proof will be on the scale tickets. Early soybean planting has been a hurry up and wait affair, with some areas to dry some to wet and some just right. Needless to say there will be lots of replant to go around in the wet areas including cotton planting. A lot of the wet areas need 3 to 7 days of dry to get on the betters soils. This is pushing planting into the doublecrop timeline. As far as the corn crop, I have never seen so much drowned corn in my 60 plus years of farming. These fields will never recover even with perfect conditions from here on out. On a trip of 100 miles from here to the coast less than 30percent of fields were unaffected by excess water. this corn ranged from ankle high to shoulder high in the same field. With a lot looking like pineapple plants ,yellow and in drought stress ,but with standing water. Just wondering where crops like this fall on the very poor to excellent scale . Me , I would rate it very poor but NC had none on their ratings this pass week, just saying. Hoping everybody has a good year that have been getting missed the pass few years, looks like the trade will hold the prices down around or below breakeven for anyone but the ones with the bumper crops . Market well guys its more important than ever in our current situation.

  • 6/2/2018 Thomas County, KS: We have received 3+ inches of rain in the last week and the wheat is looking very good and their is corn planed every where and it is up and growing. Today it looks like another banner year for production just would like to see prices a little better.

  • 6/1/2018 Richland County, ND: Very,dry. poor corn,soybean, and sugarbeet stand. 3" inches of rain behind normal for May, 5 inches behind yearly normal.

  • 6/1/2018 Haywood County, NC: Corn planted and up, but rained last 3 weeks. May 2018 record month of rain 14" for our area, wish the drought areas had some of our rain. A lot of other farmers not planted corn and other crops yet. And everybody needs to be harvesting hay. I guess we should take what the good Lord gives us and be thankful, because the weather will change and we have another day on this earth. God Bless and stay safe.

  • 6/1/2018 Tippecanoe County, IN: We're off to one of our best starts ever in northwest Indiana. Perhaps the best ever for some. We were getting very, very dry before Alberto came north and saved the day. We're now in position for record yields, assuming the balance of the summer cooperates. Of course, that's not always the case. Indianapolis recorded it's hottest day ever for the month of May last week, so memories of '88 and '12 in particular come to mind. I guess we'll just have to plan for both the good and bad scenarios, which is usually the case in our business.

  • 5/31/2018 Essex County, NY: Corn and Beans are in the ground

  • 5/31/2018 Dallas County, IA: Neighbors corn is almost knee high and leaves curled due to a lack of rain and 95 degree temps. High 90's again for tomorrow and then down to high 80's for next week. Slim chances for rain in the forecast. What a change from April freezing temps a deluge type rains. Drowned out spots in virtually every planted field.

  • 5/31/2018 Hamilton County, TX: Aleman. Hamilton County,TX. Oats and wheat harvest about wrapped up in the month of May. Harvest of these crops have started sooner over the last number of years. I remember when I was a boy we didn't start harvest until the end of May. Don't know why harvest begins so much earlier now. Cotton was planted in middle April , all is up , so far had timely rains up to now. This crop is starting to make a come back in Hamilton County, TX after 30 years. There is now 3 producers in the Aleman community now planting this crop in successive years. It was out of necessity to bring back this crop because of the terrible hog problem. Need another rain and soon.

  • 5/30/2018 Jersey County, IL: How can corn be rated 79% good to excellent with only 72% emerged? somebody is full of it!!!

  • 5/30/2018 Carroll County, MO: Here we go again!! Could this be a repeat of 2012? Finished planting beans May 24th in the dust. Had about 1 tenth of rain in the last two weeks with temps in the middle to upper 90's. Little to no rain forecasted for the next two weeks. Is this the middle of July? Wow!! It's only the end of May. Last beans planted just laying in dry dirt. Hope and pray hard for rain or its going to be a long summer.

  • 5/29/2018 Polk County, IA: Just finished planting SB in dust and 102 degree temps. 98 degrees expected today and mid 90's all week. Rain chances scattered few and far between. 98% of all planting done as of the Holiday Weekend.

  • 5/29/2018 Eaton County, MI: We had a few days early in the month for planting here in south central Michigan but been raining a lot since

  • 5/29/2018 Wabash County, IN: I don't know where usda is getting their crop report from but there is no way the country can be over 80 percent corn in. I just drove to wabash from northwest Indiana I only seen about half the fields planted. And a lot have not been touched.

  • 5/29/2018 Berks County, PA: Had 8 inch of rain here in Pennsylvania since last Friday. Need sun lot corn and beans not planted.

  • 5/29/2018 Mclennan County, TX: Corn is tasseling. Good moisture at the moment but need rain in the near future.

  • 5/29/2018 Washington County, MN: All corn and beans are in the ground, all came up great with just enough moisture in the ground. Have had no rain since and 95-100 temps with winds has dried all soil moisture. Crop has barely grown in 2 weeks and corn is starting to curl in places. There is no ground moisture at all with no exaggeration as we’ve had about 2.6” total moisture since January. Barley rain chances in sight in the 2 week forecast, if you have grain in the bin, hold onto it, it will be worth a lot more in a months time.

  • 5/28/2018 Wabash County, IN: Drove 200 miles south to southern IN over the weekend. Would have to rate 97% of the crops excellent. Haven't seen a start this good in my 50+ years of farming. In need of rain though as we have only had .6 inch in May.

  • 5/27/2018 Floyd County, IA: A lot of corn and some beans have emerged. Some people decided to switch to beans on some acres as it got late. I have half my beans to plant yet. The inch on Friday night set us back again. At a grad party last night I heard from another who hasn't started beans yet. A fert applicator told me he hasn't spread a all fit field this spring.

  • 5/27/2018 Vanderburgh County, IN: Young corn plant leaves are rolling in dry soils and with 90s for several days the stress is on. Need a good solid 1.5-2" rain. Looks like Alberto is going to help though!

  • 5/26/2018 Gage County, NE: 100 degrees here in SE Nebraska this afternoon, corn is curling and it is still May. First cutting of hay was about half and will be the only cutting if it doesn't rain. Drought was about 20 miles south of us last year but believe it has moved north.

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