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  • 3/21/2018 Kearny County, KS: Wow parts of Kansas receives rain and all the wheat belt is saved! We are at 166 days without any measurable rain now. We really don't have any chances in sight. There is a 20% chances for some showers on Monday night. I'm sure that will break the drought. We had an 80% chance last weekend and received some sprinkles. There is still a big area of western Kansas, eastern Colorado, western Oklahoma, and western Texas that is bone dry. Our wheat in southwest Kansas for the most part is small and has no root system. On Friday it is suppose to be close to 90 and very windy. Guys that have irrigation are watering wheat and pre watering for the upcoming corn crop. I'm glad to see the board of trade thinks we are going to have a big wheat crop out here this year. I would llike to hope we could raise a crop, but it doesn't look very promising right now. I just hope the wheat can get big enough to provide some type of cover. Most guys I talk to are worried out here on what we they are going to do this year. It's hard to get going when you go this long without a rain.

  • 3/20/2018 Jersey County, IL: Watching the weatherman last night from ST Louis, he said Jerseyville got 4.5" rain, excited since we have been very dry, I went to rain gauge but only had 1.2" rain. I think his radar needs recalibrated. I see we are having a fire sale for China, every million metric ton they buy now is $10,000,000 cheaper just from yesterdays market.

  • 3/19/2018 Howard County, NE: Had a really cold winter. Got .40 rain and expecting more this week. Agree it will be a late spring. Been reading that there is more anticipation of corn going higher. I am a fan of planting less corn and create a better market. We have all the power in the world but don't know how to use it. Good luck to everyone.

  • 3/19/2018 Pembina County, ND: Between USDA reports, fund buying, and drought busting rain reports, the farmer's prices are in a no win situation.

  • 3/17/2018 Banner County, NE: Western Nebraska is receiving some much needed moisture. Wheat crop may be OK but have to see after such a cold and dry winter. Price of wheat dropped despite dry conditions in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota. Buyers gambling on spring moisture?

  • 3/15/2018 Dawson County, NE: Most of our snow gone now. Colder this winter than we have seen in along time, with more snow also. Going into spring with good moisture. More coming this weekend maybe. Seen alfalfa being broke out yesterday, guys are anxious to start strip tilling in the corn fields. Vol. corn will be a big issue with all the corn that blew off last fall

  • 3/13/2018 Nobles County, MN: I agree with Palo Alto Iowa, going to be a late Spring. Been an extremely cold Winter here. Frost is 3 foot deep, we have a good thick snow cover everywhere yet and no big warm ups in sight. Next week, the 19th- 26th looks like highs in the mid 30's. About 10-15 degrees below normal. Hard to imagine any corn planting in April. And, we had our first thunderstorm March 4th...... First frost September 4th?

  • 3/12/2018 Dallas County, IA: Need spring rains badly. Frost will be out of the ground after next weekend and it is dry. Tiles not running, creeks are at summer levels and the home pond is 4 ft low. Now I know that it is early and things can change in a heartbeat, but it was a very dry fall with minimal snow during the winter months, so the trend needs to change. Planning on cutting back about 10 % in planted acres. There are enough marginal acres where the yields vs inputs may, may break even. I can easily forego these and not risk the expense. Why trade dollars and add to the surplus?

  • 3/11/2018 Dallas County, IA: Overall Planting Intentions seem to be fairly consistent with last year for Corn and Soybean acres.

  • 3/8/2018 Dickey County, ND: Wake up folks 96% of North Dakota is in some stage of drought, 80% of South Dakota and large parts of Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas are also in the same shape. We will all be fine if we get timely rainfall otherwise crop insurance will get a workout.

  • 3/8/2018 Palo Alto County, IA: Our weather has been cold and windy. 2 days it blows crazy out of the south 2 days crazy from the north and so on. Neighbor that works for state fiber company had to dig 3/6 and found Frost was 3.5 to 4 feet deep. Ditches plumb full of snow and about 2 inches in the fields. I doubt an early spring here even with Easter being early. Time will tell, at least markets have been creeping in the correct direction, have heard of a few producers not getting financing for 2018. Good luck to all in the upcoming growing season.

  • 3/8/2018 Haskell County, KS: September 25 was the last rain we’ve had. No snow. Wheat is small across sw ks there’s deep moisture but need some moisture to get to it.

  • 3/8/2018 Benton County, IA: Overall Planting Intentions seem to be fairly consistent with last year for Corn and Soybean acres.

  • 3/6/2018 Nobles County, MN: Record yields again in fall 2017,corn/soy,went to elevator to find out what it would cost me for them to take it,on corn about $1.00 bu. less than input cost. I do wonder about the elect. co-op in Brown County S.D. augering a 15' hole to install a pole,one helluv an auger!As far as dry sounds like S.D. is getting back to what it was 50 yrs. ago,DRY!?

  • 3/5/2018 Brown County, SD: Weatherman said we'd get over an 1" of rain with the current storm, so far we have .15" and a little snow, it's dry,dry & dry. We have had 8.40 inches of rain in the past 12 months, average would be 19". The local electric co-op was putting in a couple power poles and said the soil is bone dry for 15 feet. Maybe this weather event will help change the tide.

  • 3/5/2018 Kearny County, KS: Well here in southwest Kansas it's looking pretty rough. We have broken a record here now for the most days in a row without a wetting rain. The old record was 147 days set in 1950. We are at 150 and counting. A wetting rain consists of at at least 0.10' of moisture in a 24 hour period. Most of the wheat in western Kansas was planted late this year. The wheat is trying to green up now. We have no root system on the wheat. We have deep moisture, but the roots are having a hard time getting to it. Today the wind is blowing up to 55 mph and the temperature is in the 50's. Tomorrow is more of the wind. The past three days we were in the 70's and wind. We have no chances of rain in sight. The last two years out here saw dramatic increases in dryland corn acres. I'm guessing a lot of those acres will switch back to sorghum, unless guys just want to play the insurance game.

  • 3/5/2018 Clarke County, IA: I just drove through Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, and Florida. I did not see one pile of corn the whole trip where is this huge crop the USDA reported?

  • 3/2/2018 Nuckolls County, NE: Not any measurable moisture since first part of last Oct. is very concerning. Machine prices have been holding up. Rent backed off just a tick. Inputs are steady or down even. Irrigated land should be profitable with the uptick in Grain prices and I really expect that to gradually get better and possibly quite a bit better later in the year. Dryland might need to go to sorghum. YUCK

  • 3/2/2018 Dickey County, ND: Still very dry but we have received a little snow however the soil is froze 3 feet deep so that moisture will just run off when it melts. Planned on planting some wheat but prices are just too low to make any money. Soybean acres will be up on our farm, lots of beans on beans because that makes us the most money and the crop insurance price looks good. Corn acres will be down replaced by soybeans.

  • 2/28/2018 Mercer County, OH: Little snow this winter; just up & down temps. Completely agree with comment from Madison County,Ohio but at least glad I've been a no tiller since 1988.

  • 2/28/2018 Dallas County, IA: For what it's worth, this rally in the grain market is a "gift" from the speculators and it would be a shame not to take advantage by forward pricing new crop and letting go of old crop. We're riding to the top of the trading range and before you can say, "what the heck happened?" the prices will be back down to the levels we were at. Don't hang your hat on the scare in South America for too long. Just like the weather, these markets are extreme for two reasons. It's the way things have always been and the way things will always be!

  • 2/27/2018 Madison County, OH: Winter came to an abrupt ending as of February 10. We have been way above normal in temperature and precipitation. We have had over 4 inches of rain in the last 5 days alone. A lot of washed out fields. I don’t care if you’re no-till, conventional till or cover crop, nothing holds up to this abuse. Since last spring we have had 3 rain events of 5+ inches, and 7 events of 2.5 or more. I’m 46 years old and have been farming my whole life and every year scares me more and more. The weather is so much more extreme and violent than it was just 5 years ago. I really fear for my sons and future generations if we continue on this pattern.

  • 2/24/2018 Cattaraugus County, NY: lots of standing corn- still. Pressure on the dairy industry is massive....Farm Credit says benchmark break even for milk is $21- the price is $19- less in other markets- hauling is getting expensive for some producers- no money to pay the combine to come- so the corn rots in the field. Sad- USDA offering grant programs- but no one has the money for the cost-share. It's got to be free!!

  • 2/22/2018 Rock County, MN: Being a competitor in the world exports markets is good for the nation, but it must be our products not our cash flow. Seed, chemicals, fertilizer, and fuel, and huge negative grain basis and rationing grocery store prices are the reason the farmers are not making ends meet and makes for a bad economy and rural ghost towns. China owns the seed company and the hog packing plant, the elevator owns the hogs. negative -80 cent basis on soybeans makes for cheap hog feed.

  • 2/21/2018 Barron County, WI: This is the second year in a row with very minimal snowfall so we are going to need another wet summer to keep the crops growing. Many farmers rail against any form of supply management, however the truth is that without practicing the discipline of supply and demand individually we become less independent and more dependent on government, leaders, and processors.

  • 2/20/2018 Glacier County, MT: we haven't been above 35 degrees since a week before thanksgiving. We now have about 2 1/2 feet of snow on the level. I realize it is early yet, but it looks like a fairly late seeding with potholes everywhere. I read about the financial woes of everyone, and the high rents, but it more because of equipment, fertilizers, chemical and seed costs. We made that monster with all the lack of competition.The high cost of hybrid seeds to raise more crop to lower the price more , so we need more crop to pay the bills, so we need the newest high yielding hybrid (GMO) corn that china won't buy. We mad the monster, so we need to neuter that monster.

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