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  • 12/15/2017 Dickey County, ND: NASS report on wheat was out Dec. 14th. The acres not harvested were 4,626,000 acres for the top 7 wheat producing states. 22.2 million planted acres for the same 7 states. 21% lost. No mention of this in any market analysis briefing. Really makes you wonder who is steering the ship!

  • 12/13/2017 Halifax County, NC: Halifax County N.C.. harvest completed. Tobacco crop above average , peanuts in the 5,000 range , no corn , soybeans in the high 30's to low 40's. Wheat crop planted .. Ready for Santa!!!

  • 12/13/2017 Marquette County, WI: AgDay's Betsy Jibben stopped by Silent Night Evergreens in Endeavor, WI. The farm supplied Christmas trees for the White House this year. One of the trees is in President Trump's executive residence. AgDay will profile this tree farm in their annual "Christmas in the Country" TV special airing on Christmas Day on AgDay and the weekend of Dec 23-24 for U.S. Farm Report.

  • 12/12/2017 Blue Earth County, MN: Here in south central Minnesota the corn yield was larger than 2016 . The bean yield smaller than 2016. I wish everyone a merry holiday season and be thankful for what you have.

  • 12/11/2017 Putnam County, OH: Almost six inches of rain in November and now it’s December and all kinds of tillage work being done.

  • 12/4/2017 Beaufort County, NC: Picking Cotton in Beaufort county North Carolina. Yields are really good this year best we have seen in 3 years 1000 lb to the acre plus!

  • 12/3/2017 Pottawattamie County, IA: Very little corn left in the field. Some anhydrous still being applied and field work wrapping up. Corn went from 165 to 250+ /acre and beans from 55 to 70/ acre. Most yields were closer to the top than bottom.

  • 12/2/2017 Washington County, WI: Winding Down but still corn in the fields yet maybe 225 acres left to do. At 25-25 acres a day it will still take 2 weeks yet! Every day is a surprise. Been warmer than usual for this time of year but this is suppose to change Monday. Hope no snow yet it would really make the rest of the season go easier if it didn't. Soybean averaged around 40, 10 bu less than last year. Corn is around 145 average so far with a high of 197 and a low of 122 alot around 135 in the long run about no better than average but we had tremendous amounts of rain at planting and we really don't get a second chance if we don't get is right the first time. you have areas where you have 225 BPA and 12 rows over you have got nothing. If you have tiled ground I have a customer I harvest for with tile and it was 210-235 whole farm average.

  • 12/1/2017 Hughes County, SD: Done with flowers last nite and like all our other dryland it was nothing spectacular. Avg beans 29bpa, corn 39.9bpa and flowers 1500-1900lb. Had really one three inch rain all summer on our place and not at a prime time. Glad we have more irrigated acres than dryland. And with the exception of a few smaller contracts everything will stay in the bin. Basis here is just dumb. .95 on corn and 1.12 on beans, really?

  • 11/28/2017 Morgan County, OH: Two more loads and will be done for the year has been wet to say the least had to use the 4 wheel drive to get the loads out of the field.

  • 11/28/2017 Jackson County, IA: Harvest in East Central Iowa it's probably 90% complete. Storage room is slowing Harvest down. Corn moisture is between 18 and 21% . Thus far the corn has been standing excellent and recent warmer and dryer weather has made Harvest a lot easier. Yields range from 180 to 240 bushel.

  • 11/28/2017 Sangamon County, IL: Extremely dry, tiles are not running, creeks are dry and many hauling water for livestock and homes. Not much precip in the forecast for the next 90 days. Mother nature may take care of surplus.

  • 11/28/2017 Meeker County, MN: Corn is 190 bu., & the beans is 44. Witch is ten bushels less then last year. At $2.80 a bushel, we are losing money. Even if we raised less, they still will not pay. They want us to feed the world for free.

  • 11/28/2017 Ottawa County, OH: Corn was 140 bpa soybeans 36 bpa just to dry here. Now since oct. first till nov .28th 3.6 and 4.8 inches in each month hard to get crops out of field but now most are wrapping up harvest. With this nice stretch of weather.Good luck next season!

  • 11/27/2017 Franklin County, OH: Beans went upper 50’s corn so far running 175. Extremely wet in Central Ohio. Niagara NY, you boys might want to see if John Deere makes a heavy duty treadmill instead. Doubt any seat can hold up to that much beef.

  • 11/27/2017 Dickey County, ND: I think I found a new way to market my corn. Fleet Farm in Fargo is selling a 50 lb. bag of whole corn for $6.99 per bag. Cracked corn is the same price in the 50 lb. unit size. I can deliver it in much larger quantities at a lower price but could also bag it if needed.

  • 11/24/2017 Dallas County, IA: Central Iowa. Dry , Dry and DRY! Very little fall rain to replenish an extremely dry summer. No tiles running what so ever. Even the creeks are drying up! Great subsoil moisture saved us this past growing season, wonder what next year will look like ? I'll bet the farm, it will make all, all of our surpluses disappear! Want to take that bet?

  • 11/23/2017 Lucas County, IA: Just finished the last 80 acres of corn last nite. Averaged 102 bu/a at 15%. Picked at 18.5 to 19% moisture. Monitor on many rolling areas was running in the 175's but on what should be better ground below long standing terraces, nothing- zero - nada! The only explanation I can think of is that while everything was highly stressed, the lower ground, for some reason just had a little less soil moisture that was needed to survive or just had more heat and could not cool down at night. But having said all that - in July I thought we would be lucky to get 75-80 bu/a, so 102 is certainly "better than expected!" Drought designation for most of this past year, no fall rains, creeks dry and ponds down. Doesn't look promising for next year.

  • 11/22/2017 Dickey County, ND: Soils are very dry, there is no subsoil moisture remaining. The drought is still in place across most of North and South Dakota and a large part of Montana. 2018 will be very interesting indeed. Droughts in our neck of the woods tend to be long lasting events lasting a few years at times (30's & 80's). Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • 11/21/2017 Niagara County, NY: Ontario Canada: When is John Deere going to make a seat that can support a man who weighs over 500 lbs? We don’t have a single operator who rings in at under 5 bills and every tractor we own has a broken seat sensor, arm rest and fabric ripped out of the back. Does anyone know if case or new holland make a heavier duty seat for heavier duty operators? Thinking of switching because we are spending more on seats that oil and filter changes.

  • 11/21/2017 Henry County, OH: Yields better than anticipated. 41-60 soybeans 160-260 corn. 5.88 inches of rain since November 1 causing major problems. Still some single crop soybeans and corn in the field.

  • 11/20/2017 St Joseph County, IN: We got a lot of rain in northern Indiana. Lots of ponding in St. Joseph county (and neighboring counties too). Most fields have been harvested, but there are some still-standing so the rain will delay harvest a bit.The local weather man said a little more than an inch fell on Saturday, but it sure seemed like a lot more.

  • 11/20/2017 Coles County, IL: still a couple of farmers still have crops in the fields, even with all the rain we have had the last few weeks the field tiles are still dry and so is my farm ponds. I am all done, the grain bins are locked up till prices improve greatly.

  • 11/17/2017 Lucas County, IA: Just finished the last 80. Yielded 82 bu/a with a moisture of 17.9. Some neighbors in the 70's with an occasion prime ground field that was fortunate to be under that lone rain cloud, yielded as high as 120.

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