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  • 10/22/2018 Caldwell County, MO: We got started cutting beans, yield is in the low 20’s . We was within days of burning up twice.

  • 10/20/2018 Minnehaha County, SD: Beans are disappointing, that’s all! Finally drying enough to harvest but sure is fun getting stuck every once in a while! Like how markets say there’s no news but China cancels a bean sale, wait tariffs, I thought they weren’t buying at all!

  • 10/20/2018 Minnehaha County, SD: Oh yeah I think rain doesn’t always make grain!

  • 10/19/2018 Crawford County, OH: Lots of harvest activity in the last few weeks between light rain events. Beans have been excellent...nearly 10% better yeilds than last year(our average is in the low 60's). Should cut the last of our beans tomorrow. Corn is above average as well. Ours has ranged from 180-220 BPA. Early this week moisture was at 16.5% out of the field. Here's to hoping our weather conditions hold for a couple more weeks! Well wishes to all that are struggling in wet conditions, that was us last year. Be safe everyone!

  • 10/19/2018 Webster County, IA: I'll sell my crop for the state average, 202 corn, and 61 bu. beans. Usually we're above state average. I don't think we'll even come close. I'm thinking 10% below our 10 year average on both corn and soybeans. But who really knows not enough done to be sure. Must be slow or tired of being stuck. I hear we're ahead harvesting this year. If that's the case farmers have lost interest reporting to agweb their crop yields. Not one report as of today in Iowa.

  • 10/19/2018 Dubuque County, IA: Wet season here in Eastern Iowa near Dubuque. No good.

  • 10/19/2018 Madison County, OH: Harvest started out wet but conditions have improved significantly. Spectacular crops in our area 220-270 bu corn and beans 65-80. Unfortunately damage is terrible due to 4+ inches of rain in 4 days thanks to hurricane Harvey. 20+ % damage in corn and beans. Have heard of loads being rejected to to damage.

  • 10/19/2018 Sherburne County, MN: October 14th woke up to snow!! Where did that come from this is Central Minnesota not the Northern part. 40 miles west of Minneapolis and harvest has been tough, been at the corn and have about 45% out but NO soybeans have been harvested instead they are snow catchers. Forecast is supposed to give us a few days here this coming week, hope it holds or we may not get the soybeans out of the field!!

  • 10/19/2018 Winnebago County, IA: Finished corn last night. Stalks so powdery won't need to chop. Yield bad. Probably down 30 b/a. Glad to see it out of sight. Have to harvest soybeans yet and they are down 33% from last year. Elevator said to bring sample in as they won't accept if moldy from sitting in the water.

  • 10/16/2018 Dawson County, TX: Rain Rain go away come again another day How about Christmas . Cotton ,peanuts and milo need harvested now. Three weeks of rain and now near freezing weather is taking a toll on crops and Man alike. When the sun comes out will flip a coin and start on something. Best of luck to all who farm and be safe.

  • 10/16/2018 Perkins County, NE: Soybean harvest little behind schedule. Corn harvest on track. Dryland corn crop well above average yield. Local grain elevators built huge pads last month to pile corn. Most dryland corn acres I have ever seen in this county, with all the rain this season dryland corn will be very profitable this year even with the low price of corn.

  • 10/15/2018 Floyd County, IA: I have not started combining anything myself yet as the corn is nearly 30 percent. A few others started on corn Saturday afternoon. The wet ground held combines but they could not get loads out. One neighbor did a yield check. 166. Accumulating snow Sunday. Virtually no beans out in our area yet.

  • 10/15/2018 Thayer County, NE: beans splitting open and more corn fallling down with the snow hard to figure when to sell beans with no true account to how much govt is going to actually pay or what weather is going to be like down the road

  • 10/15/2018 Hall County, NE: Well supposedly 8 percent of the soybeans got cut in the last week? Where are they pulling this figure from? Nothing done here. More soybeans left to cut than whats been done. We managed to get 52 acres of corn out saturday before the rain hit. Then came 2 inches of snow with guys southeast of us getting 5 inches. This started out being a huge crop but where we returned to the field the monitor was down 16 bpa from the previous of 220. The whole corn belt is a big mess. On a bright note got some stalks fenced and cows turned in. New letter ID for Chicago. CBOC Chicago board of Crooks

  • 10/14/2018 Big Stone County, MN: More rain , snow, no sun and cold temperatures. Have not started fall harvest yet and do not know when that might be. Have heard of some farmers taking beans at 17% moisture and higher and that was before this last round of rain and snow. Now I am hearing about the mold that is starting to show up on standing crops. what a mess!! Also a big thank you to trump for throwing the farmers in this country under the bus, and keep running us over and over. He has ruined our markets, given waivers to the oil companies so that they do not need to blend ethanol, and he does not seem to care. Oh, I forgot about our big tariff payment. WHAT A JOKE!! How can any american farmer support this guy and his party??? I can't.

  • 10/14/2018 Dixon County, NE: snowing about 2" beans not that great good corn but wet alredy has wind damage seems to get alittle worse every time you look at it. lots of beans before corn and still snowing wind in the 30s this afternoon

  • 10/14/2018 Colfax County, NE: Snowing today, alot of crops, specially soybeans. Had 3 days of combing in almost three weeks. Record yields even in rain,snow, and sleet. Thanks again USDA for making food cheap for everyone.

  • 10/14/2018 Minnehaha County, SD: Thanks Adams for recognizing the truth! To bad the so called ‘pros’ have to edit these comments, they just don’t like the truth I guess! Curious to see overnight markets as I write this it’s Sunday evening and it’s the middle of harvest and I’m sitting in the house ‘relaxing’ because of 4inches of snow last night and no sunshine in days in the wettest yr on record in our area but I’ll bet there will be no ‘new’ news to move the markets! Makes me sick! Maybe 10% harvested here and who cares what the yields are it’s not news, the powers that be are only gonna let so much money in agriculture! Oh by the way we have 125 feeder cattle with some concrete, obviously not enough because I’ve used 45 bales of cornstalks already! Hopefully we can get more put up this winter! They’ve ‘the pros’ have taken all the fun out of farming! Thanks

  • 10/14/2018 Nobles County, MN: More horrific weather in SW Minnesota but hey what's new? This entire cropping year has been awful weather wise since our April 14 th blizzard. Then flooding all Summer and now flooding and snow fall on our unharvested crops. Id guess we are 15-20% done on beans and about the same on corn. Have not even tried beans in at least two weeks because of constant wet weather. Corn yields 40 bu/ acre less than a year ago and beans 15 bu/ acre less than last year. Yet USDA has us still producing a monster crop. Boy do they have a rude awakening coming but they will never have to admit it.

  • 10/14/2018 Rockcastle County, KY: The weather in central Kentucky has been terrible to say the least. It will not stop raining. Every time it rains it rains atleast several inches as it has all year. Corn has been decent but only on well drained ground. Wetter natured ground has really suffered. Yields are down from last season. There also has been some corn sprouting still on the ear. Soybeans were a good crop a month ago. Now they are ruined. No exaggeration. It rained 6+ inches the last week of September. Beans sprouted in the pods, molded and rotted. There are NO unaffected fields in this area. Lots are not fit to do anything but destroy. If the beans didn’t mold or rot they are full of purple stain. The bean crop is a complete failure here and it continues to rain and rain.

  • 10/12/2018 Butler County, IA: Really big corn yields 10-20 bu better than last year. Beans not great in our area, worse north, the huge bean yields coming from farther south. Tons of rain, maybe back to work Monday, very few beans cut no sun and warm air to dry out.

  • 10/12/2018 Barton County, KS: Lot of tilled wheat in the ground probably ruined by heavy rains some beans cut little bit of milo had 7inches of rain pasture fences gone more rain coming this weekend it's gona be awhile before can do anything

  • 10/11/2018 Redwood County, MN: Raining again in SW MN. We are 40 bushels an acre off our average for corn. Beans are down too but not as bad as corn this year. Lot of big drowned out spots near me....not an acre or 2 I’m talking 15 acre on average!

  • 10/11/2018 Greeley County, KS: Everyone is talking rain and it's no different here in west ks. Harvest just got started and so did the rain. Most of what has been cut is hailed corn and yields are not good as you would expect. We need sun sooner than later. I need to collect my penny tariff reward but can't till I harvest a half crop

  • 10/11/2018 Adams County, WI: Amen to you in minnehaha county South Dakota , I agree with you 100%. Combines sitting still should be news and 4-6 inches of rain and this morning forecast calls for up to 6 inches of snow for North Dakota and parts of Minnesota. The pros famous last words will be is that North Dakota and Minnesota and Wisconsin don’t produce enough crops to affect the national yield but man if we had a big crop and the 3-I states had a failure we sure would be reminded how big our crops are !

  • 10/11/2018 Sargent County, ND: Here’s what happened today in SE North Dakota. Snowing and lost power for 8 hours today with 30 mph winds. Had to use the old IH M to get the fuel in the JD4255. Crops are good but not going to be after this. Lots of people looking for croplifters to pick up the flattened soybeans. The market better realize something soon but with the report coming out tomorrow I’m sure that the USDA has there heads up you know where. Cheap food works for some but if you don’t have any farmers left what happens?

  • 10/11/2018 Cavalier County, ND: Snow yesterday with some big totals! From 3-16" in eastern ND. Lots of harvesting left. Snow this late in Oct hopefully will melt but days are getting short plus forecast is for highs in the 30's for the next week! Good luck!

  • 10/11/2018 Becker County, MN: Snow!!!!

  • 10/10/2018 Richland County, WI: What a year. Especially August , September and now October. It just won't stop raining. Another over two inches so far this week. It is just a muddy mess

  • 10/10/2018 Mcpherson County, KS: just got over 8 inches of rain in the last 5 days. Now cold weather for the next week. No field work for probably 2 weeks. What a fall

  • 10/10/2018 Grundy County, MO: Almost all of the corn is out here. D4 drought all summer. Yields 20-60 bushel. Have had 9 inches rain last 5 days. Bottom ground is flooded now and a muddy mess. Beans looked to be 15-25 bushel before the flood. Will be even worse now.

  • 10/10/2018 Pembina County, ND: Terrible conditions with inches of rain and now snow with wind...will make the rest of harvest very challenging as it will take tracks on the machines in a lot of cases...took our turn in ND in 2016 as we had 35" rain throughout the summer and water in the deep combine ruts into the summer of 2017. Lucklily we are a complete frozen tunder up here so the frost took care of most of the damage we did that fall. Hopefully the weather will straighten out in the next few weeks and our friendly USDA is looking to save more money at the expensive of the farmer again as the tariff payment is based on harvested bushels for this season only...doesn't matter if we had a whole season of expense! And to the ones that never got a thing planted because of dry dirt, they"ll just ignore them. After all, how can a tariff hurt them if they have nothing to sell anyway..Just ludicrous!

  • 10/10/2018 Paulding County, OH: Struggling to get the harvest done. Late fog mornings with misty rain every couple days. Average yields on soybeans, corn, and silage. No bin busters here. More rain coming so the struggle will continue.

  • 10/9/2018 Gray County, KS: Corn is mostly harvested in this area. We have had 5 inches of rain here in the last 3 days and still raining. Freezing temperatures and snow possible by the weekend. Lots of soybeans and milo to harvest yet. We will need luck to not lose some of this crop of soybeans.

  • 10/9/2018 Floyd County, IA: Those, of the very few that have taken some out in my area say decent yield but not records by any means. Early planted corn around twenty percent and later planted around twenty eight percent. Amazing how wet the ground is. Will be a real challenge if things don't improve.

  • 10/9/2018 Lucas County, IA: 6 inches of rain in the last two days with another 1 to 3 forecast for the next 18 hours. And that is on top of the 5 inches of rain the last two weeks. River bottom flats all under water. Beans buried and corn with only tassels showing. If the sun comes out tomorrow with 25 mph winds, it will take two weeks before the ground is dry enough to support a combine - it ain't going to happen! My best guess is the athe ground will have to freeze before much is harvested in South Central Iowa. But we're not alone, much of the state is in the same boat with 80% of the crops waiting for harvest.

  • 10/9/2018 Minnehaha County, SD: Well 15% year round should take care of most of the carryover, corns steady!!! Its raining and snowing in most of the corn belt, we’ve only got a 5% start on harvest!!!

  • 10/8/2018 Whitley County, IN: Soybean harvest from Bob Egolf’s farm in Churubusco, IN.

  • 10/8/2018 Kossuth County, IA: "interesting" year to say the least. Pretty late planting in wet soils followed by too much rain and lots of drowned out spots. Harvest reveals hilltops yielding about 210 and low spots 105. Top it off with some significant winds and harvest has been a major challenge. Haven't turned a wheel in the soybeans yet. Trying to harvest landlord corn and enough to keep the cattle fed another year.

  • 10/8/2018 Cuming County, NE: Soybeans in our area barley started, what has come out are disappointing and looks like yield will be down from last year if we get them harvested without pods popping. We have been wet for ever and feedlots in our area have chopped, ground ear corn and put up more high moister corn than they have in years. Corn in our area is 10 to 70% green snapped and some of they wind lately has blown more over. Pretty depressing year with cattle, hogs and grains all loosing money and interest starting to creep up. I think it's time to sell out, take the cash and get out before the 80's repeat themselves!!

  • 10/8/2018 Branch County, MI: Started soybean harvest and then the rain came again, another 3.75" to go with the 39" that we have received since February of this year. Beans are short 6-18" tall and podded right on the ground, which translates into a loss of 15% as soon as they are cut. Then do to the wet ground, weed pressure and No-Till fields the yield is down 35% from the 5 year average. The conventional tillage acres look to be much better and might be over our 5 year average. Only about 2% of Soybeans harvested in our area and 0% of corn. To wet to do anything. Be safe as there will be some late nights coming in the month of October.

  • 10/7/2018 Hall County, NE: The word is RAIN!! Weave got 4 days slated for rain here. Been misting since midnight and the nws map shows upwards of 4 inches. Lots of soybeans left to cut a few guys have done corn. Yields in the 210 range. Not the spectacular crop usda has been touting. Soybean yields all over the board. Talked with friends southwest of us and they say soybeans have already started popping out of the pods. Got some of the cows out of pasture. This harvest don't look good.Doubtful any harvesting here this week.

  • 10/6/2018 Stephenson County, IL: Another 3 to 4 inches of rain. Lots of combine stuck horror stories. May be January harvest if there no snow.

  • 10/6/2018 Minnehaha County, SD: Market commentary yesterday, no news but corn was down 3 and beans down 6, I think combines sitting still should be news! If they were rolling hard that would be news! Rain,rain and slow harvest, maybe the good Lord is trying to tell us something! Not very many comments on here either so everyone must be busy or just don’t care, or maybe they’re all negative and the ‘pros’ don’t like what they’re hearing!

  • 10/4/2018 Rice County, MN: wet wet wet crops here are also disappointimg not as good as last year looks like the only one I now that works harder then me is trump like him or not he is always working

  • 10/4/2018 Dixon County, NE: better start shaving bushels after the 40 to 50 mph winds 68 mph gust rotten stalks not good only 3 of october

  • 10/4/2018 Putnam County, IN: Way to much talk about low prices. Prices were high in March. Shouldn't be crying if you didn't sell. Build a grain bin, fill it, put it under CCC loan at almost no interest, market them over the next 9 months. Don't make the same mistake this March if prices rebound !

  • 10/3/2018 Cavalier County, ND: havent had a full day of sun in 4 weeks with drizzle and heavy dew each morning. Gonna rain today and turn to snow with lots of canola and beans left to harvest. Went from sun and warm all summer to cold and damp and getting worse! Need a nice oct but 2 week forecast isnt much better. good luck

  • 10/2/2018 Saint Croix County, WI: Corn and beans are disappointing to dry last 10 days of July first 15 days of August. Now it won't stop raining good times! At least prices are up LoL!!!

  • 10/1/2018 Sauk County, WI: What a wet year we have had basically a couple little windows this summer to get anything done one was at wheat harvest thankfully and one a couple weeks ago after all the flooding now we are back to almost daily rain and clouds last week over 1 inch crops look good but how long can they go like this before we have quality issues? Guys have been trying to get corn silage , high moisture corn, and snaplage out but it has been a muddy mess

  • 9/28/2018 Jackson County, IA: Here in extreme East Central Iowa there is activity, not as much as I was expecting to see the last week. Rains have obviously slowed down progress. I would 75% of the beans are ready after this last rain event and some corn is being harvested. Heard of some in the upper teens, but would guess most is in the low to mid twenties yet Yields appear to be pretty good overall.

  • 9/28/2018 Power County, ID: Just started hi moisture corn harvest for the wagyu feedlot, Snake River cattle, 83 day corn, 26 moisture, 210 but on irrigation. The 85+ day corn in our area got hurt by frost the last two weeks and finally finished off by a killing freeze last monday-tuesday, probably lost 10-15 percent. Should have been finished before it hit, but the smoke in August slowed the maturation. Spuds are good quality, oughtta make great McDonald's french fries.

  • 9/27/2018 Floyd County, IA: A few have done some early beans, while battling mud. 13 inches in week that included Labor Day, and 5 plus inches last week. Elevator stories I hear are yields mostly in that 50 to 60 bushel range. Many are trying to chop too dry corn on too wet fields. Some insurance estimated yields I have heard are toward 200 bushels per acre.

  • 9/27/2018 Nobles County, MN: I just got a good start on corn and beans in SWMinnesota. Appears beans will yield about 10-15 bu./ acre less than last year and corn will be about 60 bu./ acre less on average. USDA way off in Minnesota just wondering when traders will figure it out. I won't hold my breath.

  • 9/26/2018 Ogle County, IL: What the wind did at our place!!

  • 9/26/2018 Jasper County, IN: jasper co indiana, crops look fairly good, looks like china is saying, thanks but no thanks so lets have a mandatory 15 % set aside for 2 years and see where the price would be for the next 6 years

  • 9/25/2018 Pembina County, ND: Highs in the 50's for September.. Hope that isn't a sign of winter to come.. USDA, the farmers friend, quoted today on CHS web site-- "All three wheat prices, however, fell lower Tuesday after USDA reminded markets a new winter wheat crop is on the way and is 28% planted." Why couldn't they report that 72% not planted? It's a long uphill battle with USDA and the tariffs from here on out...

  • 9/25/2018 Dixon County, NE: soybeans no better than last year some places not as good. disapointing

  • 9/24/2018 Payette County, ID: Great onion harvest. Hay is almost done with good yields all cuttings. Sugar beets and potatoes have done well. Dry but plenty of irrigation water in all areas.

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