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Mission of Consumer Ag Connection

Consumer Ag Connections seeks to bridge communication between the world of agriculture and that of consumers by creating the most trusted and widely broadcast radio show about agriculture. Consumer Ag Connection is putting the "human" element back into agriculture.

Needs facing the agricultural industry

One of the problems that famers and agribusinesses are facing today is a lack of understanding on the part of consumers for how their food, renewable fuel and fiber are produced and why they are produced in that way. Consumers no longer have relatives or friends who come from a farm background. They have lost their connection to rural America.
What makes that scenario even worse is that in today’s media-heavy world, consumers are bombarded by self-serving anti-agricultural activist groups whose mission is to discontinue the current methods of production, processing and distribution of food, fuel, and fiber to the general population.
These anti-agricultural organizations base their communication on half truths and emotional messages that have no regard for sound science or the economic viability of today’s agriculture-based businesses. They portray themselves as a not-for profit, humanitarian effort, but are no better than con artists who prey on the backbone of what our country was founded on: rural America. Put simply, they are in it for the money. They try to eliminate the human aspect of food production and rural life by portraying family farms as "factory farms," a cold and harsh mental image of dirty, urban sprawl that many consumers identify with quickly. They also play on the emotions of today’s consumer by giving the animals associated with food and fiber production emotions and feelings, equal to humans or at the very least equal to that of companion pets.

Goals of Consumer Ag Connection

  • To put a "human" element back intro agriculture.
  • To educate consumers that there are human beings associated with farming–that farming is a way of making a living and a way of living life.
  • To find out what consumers don’t know about agriculture. To find out what questions and misconceptions they have about their food, fuel and fiber production and connect them with the appropriate people and experts to answer their questions.

About Pam Fretwell

pam fretwellPam Fretwell, Farm Broadcaster and Owner of Fretwell Communications, is the host/creator of "Consumer Ag Connection", a daily 3-minute, Monday through Friday radio show airing in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.
Growing up in an urban suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, along with 26 years of hands-on farming experience and 12 years of farm broadcasting and public relations experience makes Pam the perfect fit to provide a trusted and reliable source of information for consumers. Pam says the mission of her show is to bring back the "human" aspect of farmers today. She wants consumers to better understand how their food, fuel and fiber are produced, processed and distributed, but she ultimately wants to share the "who" behind the product.