Farm Journal Webinars


VFD webinar now available online (June 2016)

Full implementation of the FDA’s new veterinary feed directive (VFD) rules will commence at the end of this year, a deadline that is rapidly approaching. The new rules will place the use of medically important antibiotics delivered in feed under the oversight of veterinarians.


Every Pound Counts, So Does Every Dollar (May 2016)

You’ve worked with pigs long enough to know that aggressive eaters at weaning provide heavier pigs at finishing. New research from Purina Animal Nutrition puts hard data to this concept – data you can use to optimize ROI on your farm. Research indicates every 1-pound difference at weaning can support a nearly 4-pound heavier pig at finishing.


Are You Clearing All of the Bases With Your Calf Program? (January 2016)

You see how your calves grow on the outside – every inch, every pound. However, do you know how they are growing on the inside? Do they really need that much milk solids? Is a high-protein calf starter necessary? How soon should you introduce hay into their diet?