Growing Degree Days

March 19, 2012 11:56 AM

App Name:


Growing Degree Days



App Features:

The Growing Degree Days application measures the maturity of your crop by viewing current and past growing degree days data for your farm’s location.


Potential Uses/ Testimonial:

Use this app to measure heat accumulation and predict the date your crops will reach maturity. Track weather information such as current conditions, animated radar, hourly forecast and extended forecast. An interactive map allows users to look at conditions in multiple locations. You can also compare this year’s growing degree days against last year’s numbers.


Download App: iPhone | Android


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Spell Check

Harrison, TN
2/1/2016 08:02 AM

  Good concept, but the app doesn't work.

Linda J Pickering
Lawrenceville, NJ
3/11/2016 02:11 PM

  It worked great until this year; can no longer set the start and end dates.

Philip Smith
Champaign, IL
3/17/2016 04:45 PM

  Shows 0 GDD. This is false.