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  • notepad

    How To Budget For Volatile Markets

    10/26/2017 06:06 AM

    Build a 2018 budget with attention to detail for your farm’s financial wellness.

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  • beef at the grocery store

    Demand Drives Meat Production Growth

    10/27/2017 06:11 AM

    Beef, pork and chicken producers could add another 3 billion pounds of meat in the coming year.

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  • Internet Job Ad

    How To Attract Job Candidates Online

    10/27/2017 06:16 AM

    Find talent for your team with compelling advertising.

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  • GSI_grain_bin_photo

    How To Start Planning Now For Next Year

    10/30/2017 06:22 AM

    As we close out the 2017 fiscal year and finalize our decisions, it’s time to get to work planning for success, survival or both in 2018.

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  • Corn field

    Farmland Market Stabilizes

    10/24/2017 05:42 AM

    Farmland values and cash rent prices are leveling off or increasing as the farm economy improves

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  • M Resort

    Is Your Farm Winning?

    10/24/2017 10:29 PM

    Learn the six characteristics of champions from someone who has overcome incredible odds.

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  • A_Little_Muddy

    What to do When the Tractor Won't Budge

    10/24/2017 07:18 AM

    "It won’t budge." Three little words that farmers dread hearing.

    There’s possibly nothing more frustrating than knowing that a key piece of equipment is buried up to its axles in mud. And with this year’s wet planting season, that frustration is probably still pretty fresh in farmers’ minds.

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    Six Steps to Make a Deal with Your Banker

    10/24/2017 07:41 AM

    The banker has all of the power when it comes to a loan, right? Wrong, says Michael Boehlje, Purdue University agricultural economist. "Approach your lender as an equal, because you are," he says. "You don’t have to beg for money."

    In Boehlje’s view, successful farmers are highly desirable customers and have more power in negotiations with lenders than they might imagine. It’s important to take the time to compare rates, terms and other parts of the deal with a handful of lenders before signing on the bottom line

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  • Capitol flag

    Ag Coalition Asks Congress to Expand USDA Research Budget

    10/24/2017 08:33 AM

    A coalition of 66 trade associations, university Extension scientists and other organizations, including the Farm Journal Foundation, are asking Congress to take action that would improve the USDA’s research and development efforts and, thereby, the country’s competitiveness on an international scale.

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  • AgDay Forecast

    Hoffman's Forecast: Cold Air Heads Into Corn Belt

    10/24/2017 08:43 AM

    AgDay meteorologist Mike Hoffman's forecast.

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Results: 40 Articles found.