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  • NASS

    New Report tells NASS to use Technology to Gather Data

    10/16/2017 11:47 AM

    A new report by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine is recommending some changes to how the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) gathers information for its county crop reports and other surveys. Specifically, the Academy notes that NASS will need to use more technology to gather information in the future.

    “Producing more precise county-level estimates of crops and farmland cash rents will require integrating multiple data sources using model-based predictions that are more transparent and reproducible,” the report, issued last week, contends.

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  • waterlooboy_1911

    Tractor Tales: 1911 Waterloo Boy

    10/16/2017 12:21 PM

    During the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill. this year, Machinery Pete had the chance to see a legend of a tractor.


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    Farmland Market in Iowa: "It's a Sellers' Market"

    10/16/2017 03:00 PM

    The start of fall is bringing more land to the auction market. A new report from Terva, LLC shows land auctions ticked higher during the final month of the third quarter of 2017, yet experts say the Iowa land market remains stable.

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  • /assets/1/8/NewsDimensionThumbnail/corn_field2.JPG?76584

    No More CRP Enrollment for 2017

    10/16/2017 02:00 PM

    USDA is capping Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) offers to avoid exceeding the 24 million acre limit set by the 2014 Farm Bill. 

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  • /cms/images/spacer.gif

    Startup Offers Vegan Vending

    10/16/2017 01:51 PM

    Health food from a vending machine sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s exactly what a San Francisco-based startup called leCupboard claims to offer.

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  • /cms/images/spacer.gif

    Is Pork’s Expansion Rate Sustainable?

    10/16/2017 12:08 PM

    Could expansion over pressure prices for 2017 and 2018?

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  • BT_Feeder_Cattle

    Cattle Markets Post A Rally

    10/16/2017 02:06 PM

    Prices were higher for all classes of cattle for the week ended Oct. 13, with cash fed cattle trading at $111 per cwt., $2 higher. Cattle sold on a dressed basis at $175 per cwt., $2 to $3 higher.


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  • employment

    When “Help Wanted” Ads Need Help

    10/16/2017 02:18 PM

    Online job ads can be a wonderful tool if done correctly. 

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  • Machinery_Pete

    Machinery Pete: Average Condition Equipment Prices Sliding at Auction

    10/16/2017 02:32 PM

    Timing is everything when it comes to buying and selling equipment.

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    Supreme Court Hears WOTUS Argument

    10/16/2017 02:38 PM

    A court room challenge to “waters of the U.S.” (WOTUS) rules look like they will be head to federal district court after a hearing held by the Supreme Court of the U.S.

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Results: 73697 Articles found.