Ed Clark

Business and Issues Editor

Ed Clark joined Farm Journal Media the spring of 2011. While he’ll be spending the majority of his time as business and issues editor for Top Producer, he’ll also be writing for Farm Journal and Ed has a long-term commitment to agricultural journalism, having spent his varied career writing for numerous publications, both as editor, staff editor and freelancer, getting to the heart of complex issues for readers. Preparing him for that role were post-graduate studies in economics at the University of Minnesota, and his journalism studies at Iowa State University, where he earned his B.A.

Ed also has his roots deep in agriculture, growing up and working on a corn, soybean, and cattle farm near Winterset, Iowa.
Prior to joining Farm Journal Media, Ed worked as editor of several agricultural publications for WATT Publishing, Miller Publishing, and Multi Ag Media. He also has owned with partners and published his own newsletter.
Ed lives in Minnesota.


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