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23:28PM Aug 19, 2019

Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour: South Dakota Crop Far From Mature

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
The industry now knows the findings of the South Dakota crop from the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour. Betsy Jibben traveled along with scouts on one of the SD routes
21:42PM Aug 19, 2019

Experience the sights, sounds and voices of QPMA

Amy Sowder
AgWeb Contributor
Watch the on-scene video and read about the Quebec Produce Marketing Association's successful convention.
African Swine Fever
21:21PM Aug 19, 2019

Philippines Investigates Pig Deaths for African Swine Fever

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor
The Philippines is investigating a rise in pig deaths in some areas for the deadly African swine fever virus, although no cases have been confirmed yet.
20:00PM Aug 19, 2019

Crop Tour: South Dakota and Ohio Yields Plummet with Poor Planting

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
Mother Nature wreaked havoc on Ohio and South Dakota corn and soybean fields this spring. Each state’s anticipated corn yield fell by more than 20 bu. per acre compared to
16:15PM Aug 19, 2019

Crop Tour: Is Nebraska the Sweet Spot for Corn?

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
As Pro Farmer Crop Tour scouts continue their journeys across the central U.S., they’re finding more and more variability.
14:56PM Aug 19, 2019

BRD Risk: Look at the Big Picture

Assessing the risk of cattle needing treatment for bovine respiratory disease (BRD) requires consideration of far more than exposure to patahogens.
14:18PM Aug 19, 2019

A Virtual Tour of Pro Farmer’s Midwest Crop Tour

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor
Follow along with Pro Farmer's Midwest Crop Tour.