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11:31AM Sep 03, 2020

USDA Says Farm Income Is Increasing, Gov. Payments Are A Record

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter

Despite COVID-19 lower commodity prices and trade issues, USDA researchers are calling for farm sector profits to rise this year in its latest Farm Income Forecast.

08:14AM Aug 18, 2020

Battle Over Govt's Hidden Cameras on Private Land Goes to Court

Farm Journal Editors
AgWeb Contributor

A motion to dismiss a lawsuit from two landowners over warrantless government trail cameras installed on their private land has been denied.

(Photography by Nathan Morgan)
07:52AM Aug 10, 2020

Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? Welcome to Open Fields

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

Can the government spy on a private citizen’s land at will, without probable cause or a search warrant? Indeed, according to the government’s interpretation of the Fourth Amendment. Welcome to

14:07PM Jul 31, 2020

John Dillard: USDA Modernizes Biotech Trait Approval

“APHIS will evaluate the properties of the organism, rather than the method used to produce it, to determine whether the organism will pose a plant health risk.”

17:30PM Jul 15, 2020

Dietary guidelines stress better diet for infants, toddlers

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor

(UPDATED, July 16) Getting children under the age of two to consume a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables is critical to establish life-long habits.

12:17PM Jul 07, 2020

Potato, Apple Industries Want Their Shot with CFAP Payments

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter

Potato, Apple Industries Want Their Shot with CFAP Payments Meanwhile, there are some ag sectors that feel they should get a shot at these CFAP payments since their industries suffered

10:43AM Jul 06, 2020

USDA offers web seminar on proposed rule on organic enforcement

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor

A U.S. Department of Agriculture web seminar will provide an overview of proposed changes to enforcement regulations of organic agriculture.