13:00PM Jan 24, 2020

Could Poor Quality Corn Hinder Exports to China?

The U.S. may have plenty of corn to export, but that doesn't mean the quality is good. U.S. Farm Report analysts dig into the low-quality corn situation, and if it

09:36AM Jan 22, 2020

Cargill’s CEO Is Concerned About U.S. Farmers as Tariffs Persist

Wire Service

Cargill Inc. welcomes the first phase of a U.S.-China trade agreement but cautions that exports of some agricultural goods have yet to resume and tariffs are still in place.

13:45PM Jan 21, 2020

Would A Trade Deal With India Be A Home Run for Dairy?

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor

At the end of last week, news broke that President Donald Trump is currently in trade negotiations with India and plans to travel there relatively soon.

11:14AM Jan 20, 2020

How Quickly Can China Open Its $40 Billion Checkbook

Tyne Morgan
AgWeb Contributor

The U.S. and China Phase One trade agreement comes with hefty expectations. What could China buy to meet its $40 billion goal, and when could those buys happen? Economists and

14:54PM Jan 17, 2020

AgPro Podcast: Update Direct From DC

Margy Eckelkamp
Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete

Hunter Carpenter, Director of Public Policy at ARA, was recently on the AgPro podcast to recap what the Phase One trade agreement with China means for ag.

14:01PM Jan 17, 2020

Signal to Noise: What Could Be In a Trade Deal with India?

John Herath
AgWeb Contributor

Pro Farmer's Jim Wiesemeyer broke the news Friday that the White House is in negotiations for President Donald Trump to travel to India in the coming weeks, possibly to sign

14:00PM Jan 17, 2020

Trump Aid Means Farms Are Doing Better Than Before Trade War

Wire Service

Donald Trump is boasting that he’s made farmers “really happy.” He’s not wrong, but it’s not just the trade deal that’s left farmers optimistic for 2020.