The 2019 Pro Farmer MIdwest Crop Tour will have unprecedented interest due to the unique crop year we’re experiencing.

Will the crop be able to recover from late planting? How much do scouts think prevented plant acres impact the total crop? The Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour sets out to take a boots-on-the-ground look at these kinds of questions every year to provide the first, best estimate of the corn and soybean crops.

This year, more than ever, the tour will provide key data needed by growers, marketers, feed buyers and others.

How does the Crop Tour work? Watch the video to the right and click on the FAQ below for details.

Watch this space as the Crop Tour kicks off Aug. 19 for from-the-field reports, scout observations and nightly crop estimates.

For deeper insight and analysis of the 2019 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour from the market experts at Pro Farmer, register for free access here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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